This article will provide an AdMob review, taking a look at an Ad network that has continued to leave its mark on publishers and advertisers alike over the years. AdMob is one of the leading ad networks in the world. Over the years, it has expanded its reach around the globe to encompass over 200 countries, becoming an affiliate of Google in 2010. At the center of AdMob vision is the desire to provide customers with a chance to get their message across to the people they want and to use the space they have to earn profit.

Admob Review

Services offered by AdMob are both competitive and demanding. They allow customers the chance to be part of an ever-growing platform of Advertisers and publishers so that they can interact with one another, leading to a relatively easy buying and selling of advertisements. The quality of the advertisements on offer, as well as the tools provided to control the usages of ads are state of the art. They are highly responsive and allow users to make use of the tools without having to take prior training regarding it.

Here is a look at some of the features offered by AdMob to publishers and advertisers who are part of the platform:

  • The AdMob platform can be used across platforms by people. Multiple platforms that can be used include iOS, Androids
  • Support for leading game platforms such as Unity and Cocos2d-x
  • A Updates related to the AdMob application are readily available on Google Play making it easy for members of the platform to get their copy updated
  • Ads are powered by Google Ad technology
  • Allows for the promotion of applications for free
  • Get direct deals
  • Get over 40 third party ad networks to maximize your fill rates
  • Get unlimited Firebase analytics through the linking of the application

Admob Rates

AdMob offers higher fill rates that are profitable for the publishers. The rates it charges on its services are usually lower than other ad networks; however, there are certain ad networks that offer even lower rates. The rates being charged by AdMob are justifiable. The quality of the service, coupled with the fact their excellent customer service makes the rates both fair and reasonable. Creating an account is free, and the rates that are charged leave enough room for profit for publishers.

The Admob rates charged from advertisers for ad spaces is higher; and ensures that publisher can make a healthy profit off selling their ad space. The rates are openly touted on the website, primarily because they are looking to make sure that the advertisers and the publishers come to agreements that suit their needs.

Admob Ad Types

Irrespective of the type of ad network, to be able to prize away the right publishers and advertisers there is a need for the network to introduce a variety of advertisement types. It is not necessary for the advertiser to use each and every type of ad, but different ad types offer a variety of choice. For advertisers and publishers more ads on display offer greater mediums to work with to increase their brand identity.

Here is a look at the AdMobad types

  • Display Ads (All Sizes)
  • AdMob Interstitials Ads appearing at the start or end of the video
  • Video Ads (Pre roll, post roll, etc.)
  • App install Ads
  • Content Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Custom Ads

Admob vs AdSense

AdMob vs AdSense is essentially Google vs. Google. Both make use of Google ad formats, claiming to provide incompatible instruments to make the buying and selling of ads easy. With AdMob, the user is able to enjoy app promotion of their products or goods as well as helping customers manage their ads using adjustable ad formatting. The adjustable ad formatting can be used sparingly as much as the user wants.

AdMob is able to provide targeted ad placements, which ensure that the reputation of a business isn’t tarnished as a firm that likes to spam users with their advertisements. Despite that, AdMob and AdSense is not a fair comparison. While one is for the use of mobile app developers, AdSense is primarily used by Web publishers. Unfortaunetly, there are certain aspects that the two continue to share common space and may even overlap.

Google is trying to map out AdMob from Wep publishers instead making it and exclusive network for mobile app publishing. This is why the two, Google powered apps cannot be compared with another. In terms of rates though, AdSense is better than AdMop, but they each have their own competencies.

Admob Review, Rates, Overall

The ad network was established back in 2006, and in 2010, it was taken over by Google. Since then, Google has been quick to iron out the issues in the system, making sure that the company is able to grow and prosper. Now the network is considered one of the leaders in the market as far as application based advertising is concerned. It offers a wide variety of ad types to customers, making sure they are spoilt for choice till the very end.

In terms of price, the price being charged by AdMob is affordable and reasonable as far as publishers and advertisers are concerned. The rates being charged take into account the quality of the service, the variety on offer and the relevance of ads that are on display. The rate being charged is also justifiable based largely on the fact that there are over half a million applications that use AdMob.

Overall, AdMob review, rates, overall is one of the leading applications in the market. This fact is clear from the sheer number of mobile applications that are ready to make use of it. For a person starting out and looking to target their ads at customers without putting the respect of their company at stake, AdMob is the right place to do it.