Finding an AdSense Alternative Ad Network in 2017 can be difficult because of all ad networks to choose from. We’ve put together our list of of the top 25 AdSense alternative ad networks based on data from our publishers.

1. Adbuff

Adbuff is one of the fastest growing AdSense Alternative ad networks. Because we work exclusively with the highest quality advertisers, only premium ads are served. Approval is strict and as a result, we only accept the highest quality publishers.

Criteria for acceptance in the Adbuff network are as follows:

  • English sites only
  • Majority of traffic from USA/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Minimum 2,000 pageviews per day
Double your Page RPM With Adbuff

2. UberCPM – Sign Up

UberCPM is one of the only instant approval AdSense Alternative networks available. In addition to solid rates, instant approval and real time stats, UberCPM is perfect for small publishers.


UberCPM has relaxed rules for publishers but they also have zero tolerance for cheaters.

3. AdsOptimal – Sign Up

AdsOptimal is an innovative AdSense Alternative ad network that delivers high quality ads and high eCPM / RPM rates. They deliver a mobile ad unit that is perfectly placed on any device and therefore generates more clicks. Publishers report that they get more clicks using AdsOptimal placements.


AdsOptimal has a strict approval process since they leverage Alexa rank to determine your eligibility.

4. Chitika – Sign Up

Chitika is a well established AdSense Alternative network that delivers unique display banners. They offer modest eCPM rates for publishers who can maintain a strong click-through rate. Their ads consist primarily of text ads, similar to AdWords.


Chitika has loose approval criteria so smaller publishers are likely to be approved on this network.

5. Clicksor – Sign Up

Clicksor is a well established Canadian Adsense Alternative Ad Network that delivers strong revenue for publishers. They work directly with their own advertisers, which means some ads may contain pop-ups. That said, they approve nearly all publishers which is ideal for small sites.



They do claim to be a contextual ad network but we haven’t seen their technology be effective. That said, they do have attractive ads that appeal to a broad and general audience.

6. – Sign Up is Yahoo and Bing’s official response to Google AdSense because it delivers comparable eCPM rates to AdSense with clean ads from high quality advertisers. They were acquired on August 22nd, 2016 so the future of the company may be in question.


It is very difficult to get accepted to and as such you will require a large site that is well established with a lot of traffic. For those accepted, they enjoy very strong revenue for the website traffic.

7. Conversant – Sign Up

Conversant is a high quality AdSense Alternative network with strong partnerships with both publishers and advertisers. They only work with large established brands and offer a large variety of CPA (affiliate), video, display and other offers to use on your website.



Publishers signing up for the CPA/affiliate offers are instantly approved for placements since advertisers only pay for conversions. For display and video advertising, there is a strict approval process because of the high quality advertisers.

8. Criteo – Sign Up

Criteo is one of the largest ad networks since they purchase large bulks of inventory from Google AdX. If you view ad networks in your AdSense account, it’s likely the Criteo is closely behind Google AdWords. Criteo has one of the strictest approval processes for publishers and as a result, only the very largest will be accepted into their ad network.


We encourage you to try your luck with Criteo because you will enjoy very high RPMs that are comparable to AdSense.

9. Infolinks – Sign Up

Infolinks is a long-established ad network that’s definitely worth a try since hey deliver ads similar to Google AdSense “sponsored links”. The display ads show simple text links that pay on a CPC basis. They are widely regarded as having loose approval criteria and therefore small publishers benefit from monetization with them.


Infolinks eCPMs are known to be on the lower end because their ads aren’t often contextualized or relevant to the user viewing them. That said, they can be worth a try if you are struggling to get approved by other AdSense Alternative ad networks.

10. Vibrant Media – Sign Up

Vibrant Media has been around since the inception of the web. They have a large variety of ad units available as an AdSense Alternative. Lately they have been making strides with native ads, but they also have conventional IAB display available as well.



Expect high eCPMs from Vibrant media for sites they approve. We recommend signing up and giving them a trial run.

11. WWW Promoter – Sign Up

WWWPromoter offers reasonably clean ads and average eCPM rates for publishers. In addition to hundreds of direct advertisers to choose from, you have the ability to set multiple CPM floor rates. Hence, WWW Promoter is a good option to optimize your ad waterfall.



Their approval process is loose and they approve small publishers on a regular basis.

12. Media Nexus – Sign Up

MediaNexus is one of the only AdSense Alternative networks that takes a vertical approach to their ad network. Because they only approve publishers from a handful of verticals, ads are highly relevant to your audience and more likely to generate engagement.



Media Nexus offers very attractive eCPM rates for publishers in the right verticals.

13. RevenueHits – Sign Up

RevenueHits is an instant approval ad network that offers IAB display banners on a CPA basis. Sign up and earn instantly with no website approval required. Their ads aren’t the cleanest and they are known to have the occasional malware ad, but the revenue is impressive when you generate clicks.



RevenueHits is a last resort when other AdSense Alternative networks reject your site. If you are looking for instant approval, we recommend UberCPM.

14. PropellerAds – Sign Up

PropellerAds is a pure CPA AdSense Alternative network since they offer a variety of display banners and direct link options for publishers. Their ads target primarily download sites, with many of their ads containing a “download” button. These ads generate clicks because they trick the visitor into clicking on them.



AdSense will not approve download or streaming sites because they violate copyright policies. The alternative is PropellerAds, who offers high rates for conversion traffic on those “tricked” visitors but doing so by showing a misleading ad. We feel the need to mention that we do not condone such ads, nor these types of sites. With that, PropellerAds is the choice for you if you do choose to run such a site.

15. Adsoid – Sign-Up

Adsoid is one of the leading CPM AdSense Alternative networks offering a wide variety of ad units. Publishers can enjoy a $5 welcome bonus, but only if they meet the publisher approval criteria.



While not the highest rates available, Adsoid does offer a 100% fill rate on a variety of sizes and is worth giving a trial run to maximize your website revenue.