For an ad network platform to be called speaks volumes about the primary focus of the business. The ad network has been around for a while now and it has continued to amaze customers and naysayers alike with the speed with which it has progressed and captured newer market segments. In their own words, the platform boasts about having 210 million visitors from around the globe. Review  The ad network boasts about having a huge cross screen network, with massive premium searches and an exclusive access for AOL inventory, etc. By way of the ad network, the leading publishers and ad marketers from around the world who are looking to establish brands and set up their identity online can meet up and conclude deals to promote their products and businesses. provides advertisers a chance to get their message to users online across a variety of platforms including connected TVs, tablets, desktops and tablets, etc.

The network is known for its expansive approach, which has meant that it is fast becoming the leading choice for agencies, advertisers, and publishers. The operations of the company spans over a number of countries, which is one of the reasons why this is piece is meant as review of In this review, we will take a look at different aspects of the business and how it stacks up against the market leader in the ad network field.

Here is a look at some of the features that the network has to offer:

  • No Advertising related to banned substances or pornographic materials
  • Operates in leading markets around the world
  • A wide range of ad filtering features
  • Complete control of your ad
  • Ability to view and judge the performance of the advertisement once it has been posted
  • Site filtering mechanisms
  • CPM payment options
  • CPS payment options
  • CPA payment options Rates

The primary point of contention about any ad network platform is the prices that they charge for their services. Certain ad networks can charge higher prices despite the fact that they provide little or no service of actual benefit. On the other hand, there are those networks which have a number of publishers and advertisers pooled at their platform, offering high quality services, and yet offering reasonable rates.

Fortunately, falls in the latter category. It is able to offer its customers a wealth of options for services, even going ahead as to providing separate access for certain things. Despite all that fan fare, the rates being charged by ad network are reasonable. They are neither too low to question the validity of the offer nor too high to question its sense. The only criticism in terms of rates under the review is that the ad network is secretive about its rates to the onlookers. Despite the fact that it is a common tradition around the ad network industry, it is about time certain firms bucked the trend and laid their rates bare out in the open. Ad Types

For an ad network platform to survive it needs to have a variety of options on offer. What good what an ad network platform be if the ads available for buying and selling were restricted to one or even two categories? Why would publishers want to join a network, which holds little relevance for a wide range of advertisers? understands that and it has a reasonable variety on offer to attract publishers and advertisers. The ad types on offer include:

  • Display Ads (All sizes)
  • Video Ads (Post Roll, Pre-Roll, Mid Poll)
  • Mobile Ads (All including, In-App, Interstitial footer, standard sizes, mobile web) vs. AdSense

Here is look at vs AdSense comparison. is an up and coming ad network platform but it cannot know it’s true potential as part of the review as long as it is not compared with the leading ad network platform in the market, Google’s AdSense. AdSense is one of the leading ad network platforms and there are reasons for the rise in its popularity, the sheer size of the ad network dwarfs networks in comparison especially if is stacked up against them.

On the other hand, for its worth has a number of different pros in its favor which includes the quality of its performance as well as the number of customers has become a part of the platform in the past few years. Unfortunately, the quality despite being fairly high and justifiable in terms of the rate being charged does not mean that it is beyond what AdSense users get. AdSense users are able to enjoy a wide variety of services owing to the fact that it is the brainchild of the largest online research site on the planet.

In conclusion, while it is true that AdSense thus far has been unable to face serious competition for its top spot at the pinnacle of the ad networks, there are some alternatives appearing. for example is one platform that can be used both in contentions with and instead of AdSense but in case of the latter scenario; it is likely to be more of an experimental change instead of an instrumental change. Review, Rates, Overall is an up and coming ad network platform, which is home to a large number of publishers and advertisers. In spite of its size, the company has been able to garner appreciation for the strength of its services and competitiveness of the rate it charges for its services. Some of the leading advertisers online have started to take note of the platform primarily because it offers high quality advertising solutions to the general public.

In conclusion of review, rates, overall, it can be said that while is not the biggest ad network around, its potential, the quality of its services, and its competitive and reasonable rates make it a good option for customers both publishers and marketers around the world to join. The platform enables them to buy and sell ads based on quality, according to their needs at all times.