This piece is intended as an Airpush review. The review will take a look at one of the more recent ad networks to have taken center stage in the market. The ad network review will take into account different aspects of the network. Airpush is an aggressive monetization ad network, which allows publishers and advertisers the chance to squeeze revenue by using targeted advertisements to enhance their brand image. The core of their advertising needs is centered on mobile advertisements focusing on mobile applications and catering to developers of these apps.

Airpush Review

The network is relatively new in the market and according to its website claims to earn more revenue than advertisers would if they used CPM advertising. Airpush is able to cater to the needs of both the publishers and advertisers and it offers push notification, sign ups, etc. to a number of different Android OS. The network was founded in the city of Los Angeles USA and thus far has an employee count of over 40,000 developers.

The network has been praised for the quality of the services that are offered by their developers and for the customer support team at play by the ad network. This helps publishers and advertisers alike learn more about the tasks at hand and how to solve problems they face. Here is a look at some of the features on offer by the ad network.

  • Allows publisher and developers to earn more revenue
  • Advertisers get complete control over their ads
  • Provides a secure and transparent environment for advertisers and publishers to operate in
  • New and improved inventory which performs better than the traditional inventory on offer
  • Ad networks have access to the best breed of analytics and real time ads.
  • A wide range of ad types on offer.

Airpush Rates

The minimum payment threshold set by Airpush network is $50. This means that advertisers and publishers have greater room to operate in. A lower payment threshold means more money can now be used by advertisers to buy ad spaces and put up ads as opposed to keeping them tied up in minimum payment threshold.

Airpush rates are well guarded on its site and like other networks there is little or no mention of the rates being charged and the revenue share that the publisher is able to earn and the amount that the network is going to get off the deal. Most advertisers and publishers on the other hand are satisfied with the rates being charged. They believe that the rates being charged are justifiable based on the ad spaces that are being provided and the revenue potential being promised.

Despite not being too high, the rates being charged are enough to make sure that the networks is able to charge for its high quality inventory being offered to the customers as well as to justify the customer support team that helps advertisers and publishers along the way.

Airpush Ad Types

A successful mobile application can be the source of revenue for its developers. For advertisers this can be a chance to advertise their brand in a direct and targeted way which takes their message across without spamming it. Unfortunately, different developers are ready to accept different ad types and for that it is important that ad network is able to offer all of those ad types.

A range of Airpush ad types is one of the reasons for a large number of publishers and advertisers flocking to the network. Here is a look at some of the ad types on offer:

  • Push Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Landing Page Ads
  • Icon Ads
  • Smartwall Ads
  • Video Ads
  • 360 Banner Ads
  • App Wall Ads
  • Rich Media Ads

Airpush vs AdSense

Airpush vs AdSense, for an ad network to come to the fore, it needs to match up against the leading ad network in the market and right now, Google’s AdSense is ruling the ad network roost. AdSense is at the very top largely down to its coverage network and because of the sheer number of websites that are using AdSense to earn money off their ad spaces.

In terms of coverage despite the fact that Airpush continues to grow, it is unable to match AdSense. AdSense is spread out all over the globe, which makes it all the more hard for Airpush to have as extensive a network. In terms of quality, the two ad networks are able to offer their customers the best of their services. The services  and the technology on offer for both is better than other networks in the market, but Google’s clout means AdSense slightly edges Airpush in this field.

One of the strong points of Airpush is the rates that they are charging. In terms of the rates, they are able to offer publishers an opportunity to earn considerable revenue off their websites. Similarly, AdSense charges the lowest rates for its services, ensuring that the advertiser has to pay less for better advertising and the publisher is able to more than make a sizeable, healthy profit.

All in all, while Airpush is unable to topple AdSense off the top of the world of ad networks, it does have potential and that potential means it can be used if not as an alternative then as an experimental ad network.

Airpush Review, Rates, Overall

On evidence of all the information provided above as part of the Airpush review, rates, overall, it appears that the ad network is standing on a firm foundation. The potential in the ad network is there, and it is clear those publishers and advertisers (especially ones related to mobile applications) have room to expand and make their position count as part of this network.

The rates being charged despite not being clear are conclusive and offers the chance to publishers to earn revenue off their ad spaces while ensuring that the advertisers get to make targeted, clear and effective advertising pitch to the general users without tarnishing the image of their brand.