Amazon Assocites review will take a look at one of the oldest affilitae programs online and the different aspects which have made it one of the few recognized ad networks in the market. Amazon Associates was established back in 1996. There are a number of affliate programs online now, but this Amazon affliliate market programs continues to be the largest with an estimated number of 1.6 million sellers and affiliate members stretching to hundreds and thousands of people.

Amazon Associates Review

The Amazon name has been an estblasihed brand for a number of years now and its affiliate program has continued to keep in line with the tradition of success and growth it seems.The style of operaton for Amazon Assoicates is slightly different to other ad networks. While other ad networks are fixated on display and other similar forms of advertisment, this network is able to expand its area of operation to links of shopping categories, prooduct banners, and links to all pages that are part of

The ease of use of Amazon Associates is what really takes center stage of its review. More and more affliate members prefer being able to use systems and advertiisng tools which they can control. Here is a look at some of the featuers of Amazon Associates for the general customer:

  • A considerable seller base
  • Comes with a brand name that is both recognizable and has an credibility in the market
  • Easy to use and ensure that the advertisement being produced is both targeted to the customers and can be monitored with ease.
  • There are limits to what they can advertise, with online content advertising sexual orientation, disability, religion or porn are not acceptable.

Amazon Associates Rates

Typically, most ad networks around the world prefer to keep their rates guarded. This is one of the reasons why most reviews cannot outline the exact rate being charged by the network. Fortunately, much like all other ways of operations, Amazon Associates is a little different when it comes to outlining the rates being charged. It has outlined a list of the Amazon Associates rates being charged and it is different from each product category.

The rates being charged are spread across multiple categories. This means that different ads will have different fee margins. All free margins are outlined in terms of fixed percentages which means that the amount be deducted off the selling price instead of having a fixed amount deducted in general. The lowest rate charged is for Video console game products, which are followed by television products. On the other hand the highest percentage rate charged is for all Office for all game download products and Amazon coins followed by industrial products.

The rate being charged is different for different products and while that attracts a number of customers to be part of the network, there are some that believe that the margins of profit being offered by Amazon Associates is not enough.

Amazon Associates Ad Types

Amazon Associates have been unconventional in their approach from the very start and that continues to be the case. Fortunately, they realize the need for variety in ad types as one of the precursors of being successful in the market, which is why the ad network has a number of ad types on offer for its customers. Some of the ad types may sound unconventional while others won’t. Here is a look at the Amazon Associates adtypes::

  • Display Ads (all Sizes)
  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • In Link Ads
  • Dropdown ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Custom Ads

Amazon Associates vs AdSense

Amazon Associates vs. AdSense is a comparison that of the heavyweights. Both have powerful backers supporting either side; one has the brand name of Amazon while the other one is Google’s creation. While the two have strong points, they cannot both come out on top.

In terms of the revenue earned, Google’s AdSense beats Amazon Associates by a considerable margin both in terms of CPC and in terms of dollars. One of the reasons for this increase in revenue was the fact that the former had a number of healthy ad locations, which earned greater revenue than others.

In terms of rates charged, the two are close by. Despite the fact that there is a list in place by Amazon Associates, the rate being charged by AdSense is still lower and more affordable. This is down to the fact that while both are able to offer their customers a wide range of services with excessive variety, Google’s backing meant that the area of operation for AdSense is far greater, which means it can afford to keep offering lower rates to its customers.

All in all, despite the fact that Amazon Associates does not quite match up to AdSense, it is still a viable option for people who want certainty with rates. On top of that, people wanting to advertise on Amazon should prefer Amazon Associates since it suits the website better.

Amazon Associates Review, Rates, Overall

In terms of Amazon Associates, review, rates, overall, the ad network ticks the right boxes more times than not. It makes the right noises with its ad types, it offers the right kind of technological expertise and even goes ahead by providing its customers with good customer support, with a time specially hired to undertake that task to perfection.

It is an easy platform to use. Both affiliate members and people looking to start-off can begin without the need for too much backhand information. The person can get an update on the performance of their advertising units and how they are bringing fortune and customer to their respective brands.

The program is competitively priced, the pricing is clear for people to see. The rates out in the open puts the onus of decision on the visitors of the website. The rates it seems have been formulated based on the demand for the products and the advertising needs, despite a low profit offering, it does offer a new and improved advertising system The only way to approve or disapprove the current system is to try it and for all it merits, it deserves a try out at the very least.