BuySellAds is one of the larger ad market places in the online world. The website is the hub where advertisers and publishers can meet with one another. The makers started the network with a primary aim of making buying and selling of ads online easy. Over the years, it has moved beyond that, and has developed greater significance for both the advertisers and the publishers. The network is able to sell over 6 million ad impressions per month.

BuySellAds Review

This BuySellAds review outlines how the network has grown over the years. This has largely to do with the fact that it is able to offer a wide range of services for its customers. In addition to being one of the few places where the buying and selling of ads can take place with relative ease, it offers its customers a wide range of features which include:

  • Monetization tools for publishers
  • Display Ads
  • RSS feed ads
  • Sponsored Content
  • Image and Text
  • Background takeovers
  • Sponsored posts
  • Tweets
  • Email Newsletters
  • Automatic Handling of traffic
  • 0 caps on line item frequency for a fixed 30 day period

BuySellAds Rates

The one thing that has made BuySellAds one of the few popular sites for buying and selling of ads online is the fact that they are able to offer modest pricing to its customers. The network has a wide range of customers spread out over multiple countries around the world and its affordable pricing signifies that.

While the services offered by most networks are more or less similar, the setting of prices for interface, ad spaces, etc. sets them apart from their competition. The rate set by the ad network is fair for the general users. It offers customers the chance to amend their prices for the new procedures, get exclusive deals for loyalty, etc.

BuySellAds has a reasonable rate of 25% commission, which they charge on any sale made through their market place. At first glance, the amount may seem considerable, on closer look though it seems fair enough. As a platform for hundreds and thousands of advertisers and publishers, BuySellAds rates are justified because it is able to offer both publishers and advertisers a readymade market where ads can be bought and sold with relative ease.

BuySellAds Ad Types

One of the key characteristic for an ad network is to be able to offer its customers wide range of ad types that the customers can avail. The more extensive the range of ads available on a network, the greater will be the number of publishers and advertisers flocking to the website. Some of the leading ad networks online have a wide range of ad and ad related services available for its users.

Here is a look at the  BuySellAds Ad types:

  • Text Ads (not for SEO)Email Newsletter
  • Text Ads (not for SEO)
  • Display (any size)
  • Custom
  • Display in RSS Feeds
  • Image + Text
  • Background Takeovers
  • Email Newsletter
  • Sponsored Tweets

BuySellAds vs AdSense

The review of the ad network site cannot be completed until and unless it is measured up against the leading ad network today. AdSense has been able to capture people’s imaginations with its rates, characteristics, and services. On top of that, their support features, etc., have helped the company climb atop the charts and continue its domination of the online ad network scene.

In BuySellAds vs AdSense it lags a little. Despite the fact that the network site has ample attention to the needs of its customers, it is unable to match the dexterity of performance offered by the former.

In terms of rates and ad types, the two websites measure up against another well. While BuySellAds is able to offer a wide range of Ad types that can cater to wide audience, the fact that their rates are higher than AdSense make them a noteworthy second in comparison to AdSense. In terms of Ad types, the two are neck and neck and despite the fact that the two offer more or less similar ad types, the quality at AdSense is a notch above BuySellAds despite the fact that it offers good quality services to publishers and advertisers.

All in all, AdSense comes out trumps in the battle of the two Ad networks. Despite that, the growing clout of the BuySellAds network calls for its use by the general public even if it is as a refresher or a try out instead of as an alternative to AdSense. The network does have strong points and the ease it has provides to advertisers and publishers is what makes it a viable choice, if not the most sought after choice in the ad network industry.

BuySellAds Review, Rates, Overall

Looking at BuySellAds Review, rates, overall, it is clear that the customers get a place where they can find the right pick for their need. It is a valuable market place where publishers and advertisers can come together and chart out the best deals that suit their needs. This AdNetwork is a good supplement to use with more accomplished ad networks such as AdSense by Google. The starting time for the ads may be a little longer, with some ads taking a day or more to be up and running, once they are up though, they are easy to manage and monetize.

They have wide variety of ad types on offer, but traditional display advertisements appear the strongest point of this network. They offer price and creative control to the customers so that they can handle what is being promoted about their content. While regular log ins are required to check the status of the advertising, the rates being offered by BuySellAds are definitely worth being attracted to.

The only downside is that, it does not state that the website will deduct 25% of the selling price as charges for its services on its website. While the rates are justified, an express mention can make the site an even more loved and well-perceived ad network. All in all, it is definitely worth a try, if not as a standalone, then in combination with AdSense.