iAd Review

iAd Review

Apple can’t stay too far behind as far as the world of technology is concerned. The company has a wide array of products that they have to offer to a large number of customers around the world. Similarly, it also has a presence in the mobile ad network market with its own mobile ad network iAd. This content piece will have an iAd review, which takes a look at the ad network of one of the largest technology companies in the world, which has a history of innovation.

The iAd platform was launched by Apple back in 2010. However, in June 2016, it has stopped the download of its iAd system for the general public. The closing down of the system is likely to be systematic and has started to take place. Despite the fact that it is shutting down, iAd continues to be an important ad network in the world of mobile advertising and it continues to offer outlets as the largest iOS-specific ad network in the world of application developers.

iAd ad network only caters to iOS devices and other Android applications for example may find it difficult to make use of the ad network. Irrespective, it does provide a pertinent and particular advertisement option for iOS app developers to earn money off their applications.

Here is a look at some of the features on offer at iOS applications:

  • The largest network of iOS advertisers on offer
  • iOS supported developer system made by the company that created iOS
  • A 70% payout to the developers for advertisement on their applications
  • State of the art technology
  • A minimum payment threshold of $150
  • A knowledge base for users to understand the working of the system
  • Strong vetting of potential publishers

iAd Rates

For an ad network, the most important thing is the rates that they charge for their services and the amount of revenue that the publishers/developers can earn after making their ad spaces available to the network. iAd network, backed by the clout of Apple, is able to charge lower prices for its services, ensuring the that iAd rates offer a 70% portion to the developers. The rates may not be the cheapest on the block, but they are more than justified.

The rates being charged by iAd have improved with time. When it first launched, it was staunch in its approach, demanding advertisers to pay $1 million buy in payment to become a part of the iAd ad network. The minimum payment threshold is also set at a higher $150, which means the average advertisers are unable to properly advertise their product, instead having to worry about their activity.

Fortunately, the quality of services and the sheer size of the number of iOS applications on offer justifies the rates being charged by the iAd ad network.

iAd Ad Types

There are a number of ad networks in the market and the type of ads that they have to offer sets one apart from another. At the end of the day, the types of ads on offer outline the potential that an ad network holds. iAd being the flagship ad network of Apple has immense potential as the biggest iOS specific ad network in the ad world. Here is a look at the iAd ad types on offer:

  • BannerAds
  • Video Ads
  • Full page Ads
  • MREC Ads
  • Pop up ads
  • Website Ads

iAd vs AdSense

iAd vs AdSense is the battle of the biggies. It is actually nit just two ad networks against one another; this is a comparison of Apple’s ad network with Google’s ad network. At the end of the day the two ad networks are extremely different to one another. While AdSense makes use of Google supported ads, iAd network focuses primarily on advertisements in iOS devices. iOS devices by Apple include, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, etc.

The two ad networks may agree on vetting of publishers/developers may be similar to some extent, but the way the two networks go about this vetting is different. With AdSense, the vetting has more to do with the number of people that visit the publisher’s website or use their application, while iAd membership needs a lump sum payment to be made to become a part of that system.

Similarly, the rates being charged by the two ad networks are extremely different. The minimum payment threshold of iAd is higher and so is the rate that they charge for their services. In terms of a comparison, AdSense is able to outplay iAd primarily because while the later is restricted to a certain type, AdSense is able to cater to a wide range of publishers and advertisers all around the world, irrespective of the type of devices.

iAd Review, Rates, Overall

The journey of iAd application has one of constant improvement. When it started out, despite having immense potential and state of the art technology including iWorkBench technology, which allows advertisers to handle and customize their ads, it was hard to attract a wide range of publishers to the application. This was largely down to the buy in fee that was set by the network for any advertiser that wanted to enter the network. This fee has since then been decreased from a million to a hundred thousand and back in 2013 it was made $50. This money has meant it has virtually enabled a number of advertisers to enter the iAd network.

The technology on display and the tools that it offers its customers is unparallel for their ad network. Unfortunately, the only drawback that has set this ad network back is that it is only for iOS supported devices. This means that other applications which are specifically for android for example cannot make use of the network. A large number of users make use of android mobile devices and only keeping itself to iOS devices has been one of the reasons why Apple has moved to end the iAd ad network. All in all, as part of the iAd review, rates, overall it can be said that it is a good ad network for iOS application developers and advertisers.


Propeller ads Review

This is a Propeller ads review. Founded back in the year 2011, the company aimed to provide a digital advertising platform to publishers and advertisers alike which is reliable, effective, cheap and reliable. All of these are qualities which are enshrined in a successful ad network. So far Propeller ads are well on course to fulfilling most of its early promise. It has been 5 since the company has started operations and its ad networks has been able to create a simple, direct and easy way for advertisers and publishers to solve each other problems and needs.

Propeller ads Review The ad network is known around the market as a flexible network which is able to cater to the needs of its customers. The number of publishers and advertisers becoming part of the network continues to grow with each passing day. This is down to the quality of options that are on offer at this website. Being able to adapt is one of the strong points of the network as well as being able to offer high CPM rates to publishers. The one thing that the ad network banks on is its optimization and rate of return on investment.

Here is a look at some of the features that Propeller ads offer:

  • One of the fastest growing ad networks in the market
  • Offers a 100% fill rate and offers maximum eCPM rates.
  • Ads focusing on greater return on the investment made by the advertisers
  • High quality Optimization
  • A transparent bidding model which delivers real estate market value both to advertisers and publishers.
  • Advertisers are granted access to premium websites
  • Dedicated account manager to help publishers and advertisers get past the problems of managing their account on the ad network.

Propeller ads Rates

Propeller Ads works with a variety of ad types, but most importantly it works with pop under ad types which offer the greatest payment scope. As far as the ad network is concerned, it believes in providing a high rate of return. The website is able to offer high CPM rates to publishers which are one of the reasons more and more continue to flock to the network day in and day out.  The bidding process on offer is transparent and the payment is made based on eCPM rates.

In that context, it is important for the ad network to ensure maximum earnings for the publishers. The good thing about Propeller ads rates is that the cost per impression rate of payment to publishers is transparent and justifiable. The country that the bulk of the impression to the website comes from also plays an important role in determining the rate that is paid. Despite the fact that rates on the website are well guarded, it is accepted that traffic from Canada, US, UK and EU is paid over $2-5 for the countries.

Propeller ads Ad Types

Multiple ad types are considered the sign of growth for an ad network. As far as ad networks are concerned, having a variety of ad types on offer that a network works with helps it attract more and more advertisers and publishers. Certain ad campaigns require multiple ad types to be used for the message to properly reach the target market, if an ad network is unable to have the full set of ad types, it can lose a number of advertising campaign as a result of its inability to provide proper choice. Propeller Ads fortunately, is able to understand that and one its strong points has been its ability to work with multiple ad types.

Some of the Propeller ads ad types on offer include:

  • Pop Under Ads
  • On click Ads
  • In banner video ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Mobile Advertising Ads

Propeller ads vs AdSense

As far as Propeller Ads vs AdSense comparison is concerned, for an ad network to truly find out where it stands in the market, it needs to match up against the leading ad network. AdSense has continued to gain prominence over the years and today it is considered a leading ad network in the market. The fact that it is backed up by Google has helped its standing.

In terms of the rates that are being paid, the two networks are close by to one another. Both networks believe in adequately compensating publishers based on the number of impressions per website. However, the sheer size and volume of the revenue earned by Google has helped it offer higher rates to publishers as compared to other companies. On the other hand, Propeller Ads offer high eCPM rates which attract publishers and advertisers alike.

Similarly, in terms of operation, the span of operation for AdSense is spread out all over the globe. The fact that it is Google’s company helps it function in all countries where Google is used. Similarly, Propeller Ads has been able to spread out its operations from its home base in British Virgin Islands to a number of different countries. In fact, even its website is available in a number of different languages.

In terms of customer support, both ad networks go the extra mile in helping publishers and advertisers control their advertising campaigns and monetize their websites. In that regard, despite losing the comparison against AdSense, Propeller Ads does have potential to grow and expand. Despite not being a sure shot alternative to AdSense, the ad network can be used by people looking to experiment with their choice of ad network in the future.

Propeller ads Review, Rates, Overall

Simple, intelligent and effective, these are three adjectives that stand out on the ad network’s website.  Having looked at Propeller Ads review, rates and overall, it is clear that the growing number of publishers and advertisers flocking to the ad network is a sign of its ever growing clout. Not just that, in terms of return on investment the ad network is able to cater to the needs of its customers. It offers high rates to publishers, tools for advertisers to draft and manage winning advertising campaigns while ensuring that effective customer support is ever present.

Infolinks Review

There are seldom ad networks that can claim to have revolutionized the way advertising takes place as Infolinks is able to. The network has been a welcome change in the ad market, bringing in new ideas to the plate and making sure that the ideas not only stuck, but helped advertisers reach their required target audiences innovatively.

Infolinks Review

In the about section of Infolinks, the company talks about being a global advertising solution for the public at large. As part of the Infolinks review, it is clear that the network caters to all three ends of the ad world, focusing more on advertising through a unique platform instead of going for quantity.

The company has been able to enjoy immense and increasing support in many quarters of the marketing world largely because it is able to change the way advertising takes place. Infolinks for example, deals in ads other than traditional display ads taken up by Google, etc. It goes for better integrated and less prevalent ads that are able to produce advertisements which are inTag, inText, and inSearch.

The ad network has also been dubbed the publisher’s paradise, which is largely due to the fact that there is no minimum traffic requirement for the publisher to join the site and start trading in ads online. Here is a look at some of the features that Infolinks has to offer its customers:

  • Real Time intent
  • Keyword based real time bidding
  • Uses high engagement ad units
  • Relevant ads
  • An open platform for publishers to join in
  • The third largest marketplace for websites in the world
  • Enjoying operations in around 128 countries

Infolinks Rates

The quality of the ad network and the number of websites it has onboard matters, but what matters most for publishers and advertisers alike is the rate that is being charged. Perhaps one of the reasons for a large number people flocking to the network has been their accommodating rates. The rates being charged by the network despite not being clearly outlined on their website can be ascertained with relative ease.

The use of high tech ad does raise the rate a slight bit but the services being provided coupled with the quality of the services make for a pretty reading. The rate being charged is justifiable considering the platform that it has provided to both publishers and the advertisers. While it does lack a bit in terms of support, there is enough on the plate at  ad network to justify the Infolinks rates being charged.

Infolinks Ad Types

Infolinks is one of the easier networks to review primarily because Ad types being offered by them are different to other ad networks. The ad types being offered are relatively new and the traditional display ads are not part of the ad types of the ad network anymore. To a certain degree that has hurt the network, since display ads do have a large number of customers all around the world.

Some of the Infolinks ad types, include:

  • Innovative Display ads (all sizes)
  • Video Ads (In banner, InArticle, Post roll, Pre Roll)
  • In feed Ads
  • Custom Ads
  • In text Ads
  • IAB Standard Unit Ads
  • Recommendation Widgets
  • Paid Search
  • Promoted Listings
  • In frame Ads
  • In fold Ads

Infolinks vs AdSense

Infolink is able to empower advertisers to use intent based ads that are highly targeted and can appear in non-traditional but effective placements. The network ensures that the network helps customers overcome banner blindness. Despite all its plus points Infolinks vs. AdSense comparison is hard to land in favor of the former.

The fact that AdSense is Google’s ad network gives it an advantage most other ad networks can’t have. On top of that, in terms of rates, the two hardly match up. While AdSense charges lower rates from its customers despite providing high quality ad buying and selling opportunities, Infolinks is able to justify the higher prices on the quality of their service.

Both are ready to help prospective customers deal with problems that may arise with customers by setting up support centers and help lines. The only problem here is the fact that despite all the best efforts of Infolinks it is still only the third biggest ad network platform as far as the number or websites on it are concerned and on the other hand, AdSense continues to be the leading ad network in the world based largely on their performance.

Despite the fact that Infolinks is able to span its operations across the globe, the fact of the matter is that AdSense continues to have clients in almost all countries around the world.

While Infolinks may not be the right alternative to AdSense, it can be an option for publishers and advertisers who are looking for innovation and want to experiment with their choice.

Infolinks Review, Rates, Overall

Infolinks is unlike ordinary ad networks that are competing with one another for greater market share. Instead, it offers a refreshing new way for advertisers to make the most of different mediums spread out over the internet. From video ads to other in banner ads, infolinks is a site that is able to offer a lot to the common users wanting to advertise their brand online and wanting to earn money from the online presence that they have online.

In terms of rate, the network may have a higher rate than the top two ad networks in the market. However, the rate it charges was justified by the refreshing quality of the ads, as well as the new introduced features that are exclusive to Infolink’s customers.

All in all for Infolinks review, rates, overall it can be concluded that despite the fact that company is unable to topple the best ad network, it does have a nice niche set up and over time that can grow. The network can also work alongside AdSense as long as a few requirements are put in place before hand.


Conversant Review

This blog will review the second biggest adverting network in terms of display advertising online, called Conversant (according to ComScore). This Conversant review will take a look at the features offered by the ad network and how it has continued to grow and risen to such immense heights. As part of the review, it will also be compared with AdSense, one of its leading competitors to see how it stacks up against it.

Conversant Review

Conversant has been in the ad network market for over 16 years. The country has continued to grow ever since, today it is ranked alongside Media.net and AdSense as the leading companies in the world of ad networks. The thing that stands out about Conversant, and one of the strong points it has, is its bare minimum publisher requirements and the opportunity to provide premium advertisers to publishers based on the quality of their offer instead of the handling of formalities.

The quality of ads offered is above standards for most other ad networks. Some of the leading advertisers around the globe turn to this ad network when they are looking to promote a brand or business or send their message across the divide of mediums and into people’s phones, tablets, computers, etc. Being in the market for 16 years has meant that as well as a wealth of business acumen, conversant is able to offer customers a number of top notch technologies to savor.

Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by Conversant:

  • A file rate of 100%
  • Complete Publisher control on Advertisements
  • Real Time Stats
  • Minimum traffic requirements
  • Global platform can be used anywhere in the world
  • Empowered reporting system
  • A complete set of ad inventories
  • A variety of publishers from mobile to web can monetize using this platform
  • On time payments to publishers
  • A support team always on the prowl, looking for dangers and sorting it out

Conversant Rates

In terms of rates, Conversant is another one in the long line of ad networks that are reluctant to let out their rates on view for the general public. Instead, in most cases, the rates are kept guarded away and only publishers and advertisers part of the platform know them. By way of this Conversant review, details of the Conversant rates have emerged. On the face of it, the rates being offered by the ad network site are cheap. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the network has continued to grow and keep itself at the very top of the ad network market.

The rates being charged by the network are far lower than most other competitors in the market. Despite the fact that the platform plays host to some of the largest number of publishers and advertisers found at a single platform, the rates are both justified and reasonable. On top of that, the rates include the ad network’s customers support from experts who are ready to help at any given time.

Conversant Ad Types

To be one of the three or top two leading networks in the competitive ad network arena requires more than sheer luck and hard work. Not all customers are the same and the advertising market stretches far and wide. To cater to different customers and different advertisers, there is a need to cater different ad types. Conversant is one of the leading networks in terms of variety of ad types on offer. Most of these ad types are offered at other networks as well, the only problem is that all of them offered by one network are a rather rare feat.

Here is a look at some of the Conversant ad types allows customers to buy and sell:

  • Display (includes all sizes except 336 x 280)
  • Video (Pre roll and post roll as well as In Banner)
  • Mobile

Conversant Vs. AdSense

The rivalry of  Conversant vs AdSense is definitely not new and it is ultimately not one that is bound to end with this comparison. In terms of rates being charged, Conversant is unable to match the low rates being offered by AdSense. This is largely down to the fact that AdSense is the product of Google and the network has one of the world’s biggest IT Company backing it all the way. While both offer customers similar opportunities, the fact of the matter is that AdSense is right now the leading ad network in the world and that is down to the range of websites that it has and the geographical markets that it covers.

The sheer size of AdSense is able to eclipse the former. Despite that, Conversant has a few punches of its own. The complication free publisher induction at this ad network is almost un parallel which is one of the reasons why publishers and advertisers still flock to the network. The quality and the rates as well are right up there with the most competitive ones in the market.

Yes, Conversant may not be the right alternative to replace AdSense permanently, it can be an alternative for people who want to experiment or for the time being change their ad network. It can also work in combination with AdSense.

Conversant Review, Rates, Overall

Conversant has been able to provide customers with a new way of marketing. It offers advertisers the chance to enjoy cutting edge advertising campaigns. Its range of ad types includes static to video based advertisements that can reach consumers even in the comforts of their homes. Conversant is able to provide a platform for publishers and advertisers to develop a strategy that takes their brand and business forwards. It charges a reasonable fee for its part and provides the chance to get support from its ever ready representatives if need be.

All in all as part of Conversant review, rates, overall, despite not being the fastest ad network off the blocks, 16 years of experience and technological expertise have made Conversant a formidable proposition in the ad network arena.


Taboola Review

This Taboola review will take a look at the different features of the top sponsored ad network in the world. Taboola is similar to other ad networking applications including Outbrain etc. which continue to set the tone for promoted content around the world. Taboola was founded in the year 2007. It continues to be one of the most sought after ad networks for publishers and advertisers alike as far as sponsored content is concerned.


Because of its size, the ad network has strict requirements for publishers that can become a part. To become a part, publishers need to have a minimum traffic of 500,000 page view per month, unless they are looking to use the promoted content to increase the number of visitors coming to their area. The ad network is fairly popular among publishers and advertisers and that is largely because it offers a wide range of state of the art services to them.

Its customers include large and successful firms such as TMZ, New York Times, etc. The ad network offers a steady stream of revenue to publishers who are able to come through the publisher requirements. On the other hand, advertisers simply have a chance to get content on websites where it has more chance of being clicked on and read. This means that Taboola offers advertisers access to responsive customers.

Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by Taboola.

  • A steady and healthy pay to publishers who are able to offer the right number of visitors on their websites
  • A simple widget which can be easy installed, found and made use of to get started with content promotion
  • Customer support system to help customers all the way, irrespective of the need and whether it is a publisher or an advertiser
  • Website variations in different languages to help reach out to people all over the globe, including one in Spanish.
  • Provides targeted traffic
  • A healthy CTR
  • A fill rate of 100%
  • Easy to handle and customize the advertisements
  • Publishers and advertisers have complete control over the content

Taboola Rates

An ad network is unable to flourish if it cannot offer publishers the right rate for their ad spaces and charge lower rates from advertisers that they are going to pay other advertising networks. The high CTR is what has shot the Taboola up to fame. The rate for ad spaces and promoted content being displayed on another person’s website is typically high which has meant that publishers can get as high a CTR as 15% or $0.15 per click.

Despite the fact that Taboola rates are well guarded on their website, the rates they charge for their services aren’t high either. The charges are a proportion of the earning of the publisher, making it reasonable for the advertiser and the publisher. For both, the need to pay Taboola is down to the fact that it provides them with facilities to check the performance of the advertisement real time, gives them complete control over the advertisements on offer.  The rates offered by Taboola are one of the reasons why promoted content has continued to become popular over the years and hence is justifiable.

Taboola Ad Types

For an ad network to be able to survive, it needs to be able to cater to the needs of the publishers and the advertisers. Different advertisers can have different needs. Most advertisers don’t have a set advertising type in mind and would prefer to be able to have options in their purchase. The same is the case for publishers; certain publishers are not comfortable with certain types of ads. Similarly, Taboola understands the need in the market and is thus able to produce high quality ad types.

Here is a look at the Taboola ad types on offer:

  • In Content Ads
  • Side Bar Widget
  • Link Widget
  • Related Content Widget
  • Custom Native Ads
  • Rich Media Display Ads
  • Custom Display Ads
  • Mobile Web Ads

Taboola vs AdSense

Taboola vs AdSense is a comparison that needs to be made if proper review of Taboola is to be made. The important thing about AdSense is that it is powered by Google. This means in terms of the span of operation, AdSense is able to beat Taboola. Despite that, Taboola does have a sizeable coverage of its own. Testament to its multi cultural appeal is the fact that its website has a translated version in different languages.

The rates being offered by Taboola and AdSense are similar in more ways than one. First up, the rates both ad networks offer to the publishers are high which is why more and more publishers are willing to let promoted content on their website. Similarly, the rates they charge for their services are low. AdSense is able to offer lower rates primarily because of its financial clout and that is what makes it better in terms of rates to Taboola.

Despite that, Taboola continues to be a high quality ad network, which focuses most of its energy on content promotion advertising. It is a good network for people to use who are looking to experiment with their advertising network.

Taboola Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having taken a look at Taboola review, rates, overall, it is clear that the ad network has distinct potential. It offers a wide range of services to customers, irrespective of whether they are publishers or advertisers. It offers a wide variety of ad types in addition to promoted contents, and yet that continues to be the mainstay of the ad network.

The rate that it is offering as well as the overall performance of the ad network is encouraging. It is willing to provide the right rates to publishers in a bid to encourage them to allow more space. The customer support personnel for example are willing to help advertisers and publishers with different customer support representatives to ensure they are able to understand the ad network, and make the most of its functionality.


AdSense Alternative Ad Networks (2017 Edition)

Finding an AdSense Alternative Ad Network in 2017 can be difficult because of all ad networks to choose from. We’ve put together our list of of the top 25 AdSense alternative ad networks based on data from our publishers.

1. Adbuff

Adbuff is one of the fastest growing AdSense Alternative ad networks. Because we work exclusively with the highest quality advertisers, only premium ads are served. Approval is strict and as a result, we only accept the highest quality publishers.

Criteria for acceptance in the Adbuff network are as follows:

  • English sites only
  • Majority of traffic from USA/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Minimum 2,000 pageviews per day

2. UberCPM – Sign Up

UberCPM is one of the only instant approval AdSense Alternative networks available. In addition to solid rates, instant approval and real time stats, UberCPM is perfect for small publishers.


UberCPM has relaxed rules for publishers but they also have zero tolerance for cheaters.

3. AdsOptimal – Sign Up

AdsOptimal is an innovative AdSense Alternative ad network that delivers high quality ads and high eCPM / RPM rates. They deliver a mobile ad unit that is perfectly placed on any device and therefore generates more clicks. Publishers report that they get more clicks using AdsOptimal placements.


AdsOptimal has a strict approval process since they leverage Alexa rank to determine your eligibility.

4. Chitika – Sign Up

Chitika is a well established AdSense Alternative network that delivers unique display banners. They offer modest eCPM rates for publishers who can maintain a strong click-through rate. Their ads consist primarily of text ads, similar to AdWords.


Chitika has loose approval criteria so smaller publishers are likely to be approved on this network.

5. Clicksor – Sign Up

Clicksor is a well established Canadian Adsense Alternative Ad Network that delivers strong revenue for publishers. They work directly with their own advertisers, which means some ads may contain pop-ups. That said, they approve nearly all publishers which is ideal for small sites.



They do claim to be a contextual ad network but we haven’t seen their technology be effective. That said, they do have attractive ads that appeal to a broad and general audience.

6. Media.net – Sign Up

Media.net is Yahoo and Bing’s official response to Google AdSense because it delivers comparable eCPM rates to AdSense with clean ads from high quality advertisers. They were acquired on August 22nd, 2016 so the future of the company may be in question.


It is very difficult to get accepted to Media.net and as such you will require a large site that is well established with a lot of traffic. For those accepted, they enjoy very strong revenue for the website traffic.

7. Conversant – Sign Up

Conversant is a high quality AdSense Alternative network with strong partnerships with both publishers and advertisers. They only work with large established brands and offer a large variety of CPA (affiliate), video, display and other offers to use on your website.



Publishers signing up for the CPA/affiliate offers are instantly approved for placements since advertisers only pay for conversions. For display and video advertising, there is a strict approval process because of the high quality advertisers.

8. Criteo – Sign Up

Criteo is one of the largest ad networks since they purchase large bulks of inventory from Google AdX. If you view ad networks in your AdSense account, it’s likely the Criteo is closely behind Google AdWords. Criteo has one of the strictest approval processes for publishers and as a result, only the very largest will be accepted into their ad network.


We encourage you to try your luck with Criteo because you will enjoy very high RPMs that are comparable to AdSense.

9. Infolinks – Sign Up

Infolinks is a long-established ad network that’s definitely worth a try since hey deliver ads similar to Google AdSense “sponsored links”. The display ads show simple text links that pay on a CPC basis. They are widely regarded as having loose approval criteria and therefore small publishers benefit from monetization with them.


Infolinks eCPMs are known to be on the lower end because their ads aren’t often contextualized or relevant to the user viewing them. That said, they can be worth a try if you are struggling to get approved by other AdSense Alternative ad networks.

10. Vibrant Media – Sign Up

Vibrant Media has been around since the inception of the web. They have a large variety of ad units available as an AdSense Alternative. Lately they have been making strides with native ads, but they also have conventional IAB display available as well.



Expect high eCPMs from Vibrant media for sites they approve. We recommend signing up and giving them a trial run.

11. WWW Promoter – Sign Up

WWWPromoter offers reasonably clean ads and average eCPM rates for publishers. In addition to hundreds of direct advertisers to choose from, you have the ability to set multiple CPM floor rates. Hence, WWW Promoter is a good option to optimize your ad waterfall.



Their approval process is loose and they approve small publishers on a regular basis.

12. Media Nexus – Sign Up

MediaNexus is one of the only AdSense Alternative networks that takes a vertical approach to their ad network. Because they only approve publishers from a handful of verticals, ads are highly relevant to your audience and more likely to generate engagement.



Media Nexus offers very attractive eCPM rates for publishers in the right verticals.

13. RevenueHits – Sign Up

RevenueHits is an instant approval ad network that offers IAB display banners on a CPA basis. Sign up and earn instantly with no website approval required. Their ads aren’t the cleanest and they are known to have the occasional malware ad, but the revenue is impressive when you generate clicks.



RevenueHits is a last resort when other AdSense Alternative networks reject your site. If you are looking for instant approval, we recommend UberCPM.

14. PropellerAds – Sign Up

PropellerAds is a pure CPA AdSense Alternative network since they offer a variety of display banners and direct link options for publishers. Their ads target primarily download sites, with many of their ads containing a “download” button. These ads generate clicks because they trick the visitor into clicking on them.



AdSense will not approve download or streaming sites because they violate copyright policies. The alternative is PropellerAds, who offers high rates for conversion traffic on those “tricked” visitors but doing so by showing a misleading ad. We feel the need to mention that we do not condone such ads, nor these types of sites. With that, PropellerAds is the choice for you if you do choose to run such a site.

15. Adsoid – Sign-Up

Adsoid is one of the leading CPM AdSense Alternative networks offering a wide variety of ad units. Publishers can enjoy a $5 welcome bonus, but only if they meet the publisher approval criteria.



While not the highest rates available, Adsoid does offer a 100% fill rate on a variety of sizes and is worth giving a trial run to maximize your website revenue.

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