UberCPM Review

This piece will provide a thorough UberCPM review, taking into account the rates that the website offers as well as other features that make it a growing ad network in the market. The UberCPM was built by its makers around the idea of simplifying advertising, which they believed had become too complex. The ad network aims to make advertising easy for advertisers and lending ad spaces easy for publishers. The vision at the heart of the company that keeps it going is to become the largest and most effective CPM advertising network in the world. It has a non-adult advertising banner which shares 80% of its revenue with its publishers.

UberCPM Review The ad network has grown multiple folds in recent years and all that is down to the fact that they can simplify something that almost all advertisers and publishers want to make use of but seldom are truly able to master. UberCPM ad network has a growing number of advertisers and publishers flocking the network each day. The ad network has a strict policy and a firm stance on adult ads and it makes sure that no malicious content or spam sites are added to their network as publishers to ruin the reputation of the advertisers. Quality of ad content is the primary focus at the UberCPM ad network.

Here is a look at some of the features offered by UberCPM ad network that have contributed in the growth of the ad network:

  • Instant approval to publishers, there is no need to wait for the approval
  • Publishers can enter the ad network without having to satisfy the minimum views acid tests, which allows a more diverse sphere of publishers at the website
  • 80% of the revenue is shared with the publishers
  • High quality customer service, with representatives ready to help customers every step of the way, trying to simplify advertising
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Payments are made on time

UberCPM Rates

The rates being charged by UberCPM are both competitive and acceptable around the industry; most companies are unable to charge competitive pricing from advertisers, while paying considerable rates to the publishers. The minimum payment handed out by the ad network is $10, which is lower in terms of other competition. The payments can be made through multiple sources which include but are not limited to Bank Wire transfer, Paypal, and Payoneer.

As part of the ad network, the core responsibility is to make sure that the publishers are attracted to the cause. What this means is that the publishers the people who are the lifeblood of the online advertising need to be paid excessively to ensure they stay comfortable. UberCPM rates make sure that is the case. The ad network shares 80% of the revenue it has earned with the publishers in a bid to keep them happy. On top of that, the rates that its charges from advertiser are fitting since they are reasonable and justifiable based on the features that the ad network is able to offer.

UberCPM Ad Types

For any ad network, the ad types they offer can significantly alter the scale of operations. More advertisers and publishers are inclined towards ad networks that offer ad format and ad types variety. This is because different publishers are comfortable with different ads on their website and most advertises want specific ad types tom send their message across to the masses. As part of the review, we take a look at the UberCPM Ad types on offer:

  • Banner Ads 120 X 600 thin tower
  • Banner Ads 160 X 600
  • Banner Ads 300 X 250
  • Banner Ads 300 X 600
  • Banner Ads 320 X 50
  • Banner Ads 728 X 90

UberCPM vs AdSense

An UberCPM review is not complete unless there has been a UberCPM vs AdSense comparison in place. The two ad networks are miles apart in terms of size. While one of the ad networks has operations that span all over the globe, the other is only starting out in the field and despite making healthy strides is still some way short of the mark. While UberCPM is a big network, it is not as big as AdSense and neither does it have the backing of a technology giant such as Google behind it.

As a result, in terms of the vastness of the network and the number of publishers and ad networks that have been engaged, AdSense is larger than UberCPM. Similarly, in terms of the rates being charged, AdSense is able to charge better rates than UberCPM primarily because the former has an economic clout about it being an established business.  The only real difference between the two is with regards to the vetting and entry of publishers into the network.

UberCPM is more welcoming with instant approval and no need for publishers to have a certain number of views or visitors on their website. AdSense on the other hand, due to its sheer size has rules in place for vetting of publisher before they are allowed to join the network. All in all, while UberCPM does not come out on top against AdSense, it does offer a new ad network outlet for people looking to experiment with their ad networks and those that can’t get into the AdSense network.

UberCPM Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having looked at UberCPM review, rates, overall it can be said that the CPM ad network has excess potential. With its tools and features it is moving in the right direction to fulfilling its potential and actually making sure that it becomes the largest ad network in the world.

All in all, the ad network is made to work well in coordination with other ad networks such as AdSense etc. It can work well with all legitimate sites and the earning of the website depends on the several factors. The sooner that these factors are ironed out by the ad network the better. In terms of quality of traffic, and its location it is a ideally places to grow as an ad network. The publishers who have tried the ad network appreciate what they have had to deal with and that is one of the things that make it a good CPM network.

Videology Review

This piece gives the readers a Videology review. The company provides its customers with an advertising and technology platform that is packed with solutions to their major problems. While most online platform have expanded their advertising base and started to make use of the more tech heavy ad spaces on offer, this company has continued focus on providing facilities to the customers in managing, handling, creating and controlling video and TV advertising. Videology is the brainchild of the people who founded Advertising.com. Without fail, Videology is considered the largest video advertising network in the market.

videology-reviewThe company works primarily over the internet and its wide range of customers that it is able to cater to include agencies, advertisers, media companies, and publishers, etc. Videology has been on an aggressive growth strategy and were able to raise $300 million recently.

The founder of the company Mr. Scott Ferber has been able to turn the platform from one that entered the market with little notice to the home of video advertising. Ever since it was founded back in the year 2007, the company has continued to expand. Working under private ownership, has allowed Videology to offer quality performance that has attracted both publishers and advertisers alike. Here is a look at some of the features that Videology Inc. is able to offer:

  • Providing advertisers with a campaign engine, where marketers are given a platform to plan, optimize and buy digital advertising campaigns across a number of different platforms and screens
  • Allows customers to measure digital advertising campaigns
  • Offers planning solutions
  • Offers forecasting solutions
  • Allows access to third party solutions
  • Solutions to reporting and analytics problems
  • Ability to manage and track traffic
  • Ensures actionable insight to the audience

Videology Rates

At the end of the day, both publishers and advertisers are concerned with the rates being charged. If the rate being charged by Videology for its services is lower, more and more advertisers will feel encouraged to join the platform. Similarly, if the rate being offered to publishers for posting the ad video on their website is high, publishers will be more willing to lend ad spaces on their website since it earns them good money.

In terms of Videology rates, the network has kept it well guarded on its website. Irrespective, as per publishers, the amount being paid by the biggest video ad-network on the internet for their ad spaces is reasonable and justifiable. Despite not being the highest, the rate being paid is based on the amount of visitors and unique visitors that come to the website. This makes it a more objective way of paying publishes, decreasing discrepancies or favoritism in the payments being made to the publishers.

Similarly, the advertisers are charged lower prices, but there are networks that charge even lower prices. The reason for the rates being charges has got to with the facilities that the platform offers to advertisers. It offers advertisers a number of options to create, control, and manage their advertisement campaigns. On top of that, its rates are justifiable because of the effective customer support that it continues to offer to its customers.

Videology Ad Types

For an ad network to flourish, it needs to have different ad formats and types that they should work in. Despite the fact that this ad network is considered one of the oldest and most prosperous video ad networks, it does offer other ad types and ad formats to the customers. The more the choice of ad types, the greater the avenues of development available to an ad network, because most advertisers are looking for variety, before they settle on one particular type.

Here is a look at the Videology Ad Types on offer:

  • Video (all sizes and formats)
  • TV ads

Videology vs AdSense

A Videology vs AdSense comparison will give the reader a measure of the potency of the former. While one is a video ad network restricted in performance solely on the video advertisement, the other is a more far-reaching, broad based ad network that is backed by one of the largest tech companies in the world. While Videology is also the brainchild of Adevrtising.com founders, it does not have the same economic power behind it as AdSense. This discrepancy is evident in terms of the rate being charged and paid by the ad network. While AdSense is able to pay higher rates to publishers, it also offers lower rates to advertisers.

Videology cannot match AdSense in terms of their economic clout. However, in terms of technology, the two have closer contest. Both are able to offer advertisers the chance to create, manage, and control their advertisement campaigns. Similarly, in terms vetting of publishers to enter the website, both have strict criterions based on the number of people that regularly visit the website, etc.

While Videology cannot quite catch up to the same level as AdSense, it does have considerable potential. Due to its limited scope, it cannot be a wholesome alternative to AdSense but it could be the right option for people who are looking to experiment with video ads.

Videology Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion having looked at the Videology review, rates, overall it can said that while the ad serving platform displays immense potential for growth. It has continued to go from strength to strength ever since its foundation was laid in the year 2007.  One of the reasons for its growth has been the fact that it has set it sights on a particular set of ad types and it has continued to develop that niche. Instead of over stretching the ad network and its resources, it has kept a focused approach on video ads, which has meant that it is now the biggest video ad network on the internet.

Because it has a video ad centric approach, it is able to develop technology that is specific to the field, offering greater usability to advertisers and publishers alike. The customer support to back it up, in combination with the reasonable rates being charges, makes it a more plausible option for people to use. All in all, the potential in Videology is there to see, and the fact that it has become the top video ad network speaks volumes of the quality on offer.

Vertoz Review

This content piece provides a Vertoz review. The programmatic company is not a new entrant in the market and it has continued to help provide solutions to companies with regards to their advertising and monetization needs. The primary concept of the ad network is to bring a number of top publishers and advertisers around the world under a single roof where they can cut deals with one another and solve one another’s advertising needs. The company has dedicated account specialists that help businesses manage to get the best return on investment on the amount they have put as part of the advertising expenditure.

Vertoz ReviewAs far as Vertoz is concerned, it is able to offer a new formula to its customers to help them make the most of the relationship between the advertisers and the publishers. Its “indigenous plex” formula is able to empower advertisers further by using RTB enabled technology along with customer data. This unique system promises monetizing solutions which are tailored to the needs and wants of each client. In terms of ad networks the market can continually change and new entrants in the market spell for a new strategy.

This is something Vertoz is an expert in. It is able to adapt to the changing market dynamics to ensure that the publishers and advertisers on the network are able to make the most of the situation. Here is a look at some of the features that Vertoz ad network offers:

  • The ad network is able to offer high quality ad inventory for advertisers and publishers to work with
  • The CPM rates on offer are competitive and widely accepted by publishers around the world
  • There is no delay in payments; they are paid to the concerned parties on time without the slightest of delays.
  • Offers a 100% fill rate
  • The customer support payments are dedicated.

Vertoz Rates

For ad networks to be able to attract publishers to their website, they need to be able to offer higher CPM rates than their competitors. In terms of the rates being offered, Vertoz is right up there with most other ad networks in paying high CPM rates to lure prospective publishers and website owners willing to sell ad spaces on their website.  The minimum payout amount however is kept at $100 which means a payment of less than $100 cannot be made unless another payment takes the overall payment amount beyond that.

Similarly, the commission charged by the ad network is based on CPC and CPM basis. The costs it charges from advertisers are deducted from the truncation they have with the publishers instead of wanting them to pay an upfront fee. The rates being charged from advertisers and the Vertoz rates offered to publishers are justified primarily because the ad network offers greater control, quality of ads and multiple tools to help both parties solve their problems. For advertisers getting to advertise directly to their target audience is a healthy return on investment and similarly for publishers monetizing their website and ad spaces is a good way to earn revenue in the future.

Vertoz Ad Types

For ad network to flourish, the number of ad types on offer is important. Most ad networks prefer to offer a wide variety of ad types to the users which is primarily down to the fact that the more ad types are offered to the advertisers the better chance they have of advertising their product to the market. Keeping in line with that, Vertoz offers a variety of ad types that makes publishers comfortable with the types of advertisements that they display on their pages.

Here is a look at some of the Vertoz ad types on offer:

  • Video Ads
  • Search (XML feed) Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads

Vertoz vs AdSense

A true review of Vertoz cannot be complete unless it is reviewed against AdSense. This section takes a look at Vertoz vs AdSense. Both Vertoz and AdSense are ad networks that are considered as good networks by both advertisers and publishers. While AdSense is backed up by Google, Vertoz is a relatively new company that has made leaps and bounds of progress. In terms of revenue generated AdSense has greater revenue generated as compared to Vertoz.

This translates into greater rates being paid to the publishers as well as lower money being charged by ad network from advertisers for their services.  In terms of tools on offer both ad networks are able to give their users something distinct. As far as Vertoz is concerned it is able to give the user greater access to big data which can help the company flourish. Similarly, AdSense has one of the largest numbers of websites that work with the ad network, something Vertoz is striving for.

In terms of customer support, both can be considered at par in terms of quality, however, the fact that AdSense is spread all over the world helps its customer support team to understand multiple languages and needs of customers.

Despite falling short against AdSense, Vertoz is open to a larger group of publishers as compared to AdSense because it has relatively few requirements for its members. Yet, while Vertoz cannot be considered an alternative to AdSense it is a good choice for people who are looking for a change in the ad network company they work with. It is also able to work in coordination with AdSense.

Vertoz Review, Rates, Overall

Writing a conclusion for Vertoz is simpler now that Vertoz review, rates, overall have been considered. All in all Vertoz is an up and coming ad network which is trying to make a mark in a competitive market and it is doing so by providing high rates to its publishers, greater control to advertisers and better tools and technology for them to create ad campaigns. At core of Vertoz is to provide solutions for publishers and advertisers and it seems that is exactly what it strives for by helping advertisers reach their target audience while monetizing the publishers adequately.

Chitika Review

Chitika was founded back in 2003. The company has continued to grow over the years and has now established itself as one of the cornerstones of the online ad network market. The headquarters of the ad network are in Westborough, MA, and it has been featured in some of the most prestigious rankings around the globe, including Red Herring Global Top 100. This post will provide a Chitika review, taking a look at the features, rates, and ad types that the network has to offer.

Chitika Review

The core belief behind the ad network has been to function according to the customer’s needs. They offer a platform for customers to buy and sell ads with over 350 000 plus quality publishers helping advertisers that range in millions get their message across to the masses.

According to statistics posted on their official website, they have served around four billions ads per month for its customers. Irrespective, the ad network has been able to give off exuberance, technology, and ease of use for their customers to enjoy. One thing that stands out about the network is the level of support they are prepared to provide their customers. The customer support representatives are ready to help publishers and advertisers alike solve their problems and make the most of the issue at hand.

Here is a look at some of the features of that Chitika has to offer:

  • Low minimum payment for advertisers
  • Enhanced quality of ads and variety of ads on offer
  • Options to customize color schemes of ads posted online
  • Options to customize placements of ads posted
  • Easy to use for the average user
  • An state of the art interface

Chitika Rates

People who are using Chitika and are paying Chitika rates, be it a publishers or advertisers have immense potential to win and win big. Chitika ad network makes use of the technology, which is designed to cater to each and every individual with relevant ads that suit their needs and demands. The rates aren’t fixed and may vary according to the keyword used. The rate being charged is also important because it impacts the ad’s CPM.

Despite all that, the rate charged by Chitika is reasonable to say the least. Most publishers are able to enjoy a good level of return on their investment because they have had to invest a smaller amount in advertising than they would have had the rates been illogical. One of the reasons behind the fair rates being charged by Chitika is the fact that one of its offices is in India, where labor costs, etc., does affect the final decision on rates.

Chitika Ad Types

For an ad network to survive in a competitive market like this for 13 years and establish a stable base is testament to the quality of the service that they offer and the variety of their products. For an ad network like Chitika, variety in ad types is important in making sure that the number of publishers and advertisers attracted to the platform continue to rise.

As part of the Chitika review, here is a look at some of the Chitika ad types that the ad network has to offer:

  • Display Ads (468 x 60, 160 x 600, 120 x 600, 300 x 250)
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads (Text Links and Search Box)

The most notable absentee from the list of ad types is native ads which include a variety of advertisements such as widgets, paid search, in feeds, custom ads, etc.

Chitika Vs. AdSense

For an ad network company to be considered part of the elite networks they need to go toe to toe with AdSense. Google’s AdSense continues to lead the ad network arena. Chitika, whose name means speed, can find it hard to compete in a comparison against AdSense.

In terms of the variety of ads on offer, AdSense is able to trump Chitika. While the later does offer a number of robust ad types which can bring in large swathes of revenue and hundreds of publishers and advertisers, the list of ad types of short. It does not include mention of some of the more recent ad types that advertisers are wanting to explore. AdSense on the other hand has an extensive array of ad types on offer, which advertisers can choose from any time of the day.

In terms of rates, while the network does have fair and just rates, they cannot be categorized as cheap and for a large number of publishers, cheaper rates lead to greater profits. This is where AdSense is able to come in and provide those cheap rates and a number of quality services.

As far as coverage is concerned, in a Chitika vs. AdSense fight, Chitika does have a number of customers spread out evenly across Asia, Americas, and Europe. AdSense however, offers worldwide coverage. Google’s network operates all over the globe, leaving its mark on customers throughout the world.

While there is on one winner in this battle between the two ad networks, for Chitika all is not lost. It can still perform at the highest of levels and is still a viable option for people who are looking experiment with their ad network. Chitika can also be used alongside AdSense.

Chitika Review, Rates, Overall

All publishers and advertisers looking to be a part of Chitika are able to get their accounts opened for free. This is one of the many things that stand out about an ad network that has gradually established its identity in the world of online advertisement. Chitika review, rates , overall makes for a good reading.

The rates and the quality of the ad types on offer make Chitika a leading option for a majority of publishers and advertisers. The fact of the matter is that despite its limited ad variety, it has one of the strongest customer support systems, which help customers set up their accounts, control the ads that they want, and monitor the performance of the ads and how it has helped the business using a variety of tools on offer at the Chitika ad network.

YouTube Partner Program Review

YouTube partner program has been another one of the up and coming ad networks where video producers are given a chance to monetize their viewership by selling the ad spaces on the video to advertisers who are looking to directly advertise their brand. YouTube for creators review is an attempt to take a look at the partner program by YouTube and how it has been able to help normal people monetize their fame on a video making platform for greater earnings. The program is simple for publishers and advertisers to understand. To be able to make it work, the publisher of the video needs to have an account with Google AdSense since the ad network is a partner of You Tube in this program.

YouTube Partner Program Review Publisher sampling of the YouTube partner programs includes television and new giants such as CNN and New York Times. YouTube was created back in the year 2004 and its partner program was started as far back as the year 2007. The network is owned by Google, which is why AdSense holds the utmost importance in this regard. There are certain restrictions on the advertisers and the publishers that need to be followed if the advertisement is going to be publishable. Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by YouTube for creators to its customers:

  • Getting to manage the channel with creators studios
  • Outstanding customer support that is going to help YouTube video publishers and advertisers when they need it.
  • Learn with the creator Academy
  • Enjoy YouTube space to create your video
  • Higher CPM rates to publishers whose videos and channels are able to enjoy maximum subscriptions and viewers

YouTube Partner Program Rates

The rates offered by YouTube as part of its partner program are fairly competitive. The rates are based on a CPM and a CPC basis, which means that the network offers fair rates to the video publishers based on their credibility and their performance. The only catch here is that the policies with regards to eligible publishers who can monetize their videos continues to change which is why it is important that the person signed up for the partner program is able to sign up to the partner program with relative ease.

For most publishers who are part of the partner program, the primary source of worry is whether YouTube partner program rates will decrease their revenue stream. That is not the case. In fact, in most cases the revenue stream is likely to expand with multiple new avenues opening up based on the rates being offered. Yes, the network does charge a certain payment up front from people before actually letting them become a part, but that amount is neither expensive, nor does it need to be paid over and over again. Instead, the facilities being offered by YouTube to advertisers and publishers in particular more than justify the costs being charged, that is if they are being charged in the first place.

YouTube Partner Program Ad Types

Ad types are what determine the success and failure of an ad network. Most advertisers and publishers are looking for variety to ad types so that they have attracted the customers and users in a number of different ways. YouTube partner program despite being different to the ordinary ad networks continues with the ad network tradition. It makes sure that multiple ad types are on offer to ensure that the advertisers and the publishers are comfortable working with the YouTube partner program.

Here is a look at the different types of YouTube partner program ad types:

  • Display advertisements
  • Banner Advertisements (300 x 250)
  • In video advertisements
  • Overlay Ads
  • True View Ads
  • Non Skip-able Ads

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense is one comparison that will give us a true measure of how effective YouTube’s partner program is. In reality, this comparison is a little unfair to make since both are Google’s operations and YouTube partner program is heavily dependent on AdSense to function. So much so that for a person to act as a Publisher on YouTube Partner program they need to have an account on Google’s AdSense.

In terms of the scale of operations, AdSense is much bigger than YouTube partner program. While YouTube has only started to expand its operations in different parts of the globe, AdSense is already a household ad network. This has more to do with the fact that AdSense has a wider sphere to work with— it can publish ads on websites, as well as videos, whilst the former is only restricted to YouTube videos and ad spaces that open up in that.

In terms of the rate being charged, YouTube partner program offers reasonable rates to video publishers. As a result, there is a new age of video publisher growing as part of the YouTube brand of things. The rates are acceptable because of the facilities that YouTube is able to offer its publishers, including a studio to work in if a set number of subscribers are maintained. AdSense on the other hand offers high rate to publishers, allowing flocks of websites to become a part of the network primarily because of the promise of earning more revenue off it.

YouTube Partner Program Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having looked at the YouTube Partner program review, rates, overall it can be said that the ad network continues to grow. The fact that videos are so popular has helped the ad network expand its reach to the audience. A measure of the growth of this ad network is that ever since it has begun, it has helped a new breed of entrepreneurs rise up and earn money as video publishers by posting and creating videos. The rates being charged by the ad network are understandable and helped by the facilities that YouTube is able to provide to its customers.

The YouTube partner program has a wide variety of customer service representatives and ad types looking to help publishers and advertisers get their message across to the people.

Propeller ads Review

This is a Propeller ads review. Founded back in the year 2011, the company aimed to provide a digital advertising platform to publishers and advertisers alike which is reliable, effective, cheap and reliable. All of these are qualities which are enshrined in a successful ad network. So far Propeller ads are well on course to fulfilling most of its early promise. It has been 5 since the company has started operations and its ad networks has been able to create a simple, direct and easy way for advertisers and publishers to solve each other problems and needs.

Propeller ads Review The ad network is known around the market as a flexible network which is able to cater to the needs of its customers. The number of publishers and advertisers becoming part of the network continues to grow with each passing day. This is down to the quality of options that are on offer at this website. Being able to adapt is one of the strong points of the network as well as being able to offer high CPM rates to publishers. The one thing that the ad network banks on is its optimization and rate of return on investment.

Here is a look at some of the features that Propeller ads offer:

  • One of the fastest growing ad networks in the market
  • Offers a 100% fill rate and offers maximum eCPM rates.
  • Ads focusing on greater return on the investment made by the advertisers
  • High quality Optimization
  • A transparent bidding model which delivers real estate market value both to advertisers and publishers.
  • Advertisers are granted access to premium websites
  • Dedicated account manager to help publishers and advertisers get past the problems of managing their account on the ad network.

Propeller ads Rates

Propeller Ads works with a variety of ad types, but most importantly it works with pop under ad types which offer the greatest payment scope. As far as the ad network is concerned, it believes in providing a high rate of return. The website is able to offer high CPM rates to publishers which are one of the reasons more and more continue to flock to the network day in and day out.  The bidding process on offer is transparent and the payment is made based on eCPM rates.

In that context, it is important for the ad network to ensure maximum earnings for the publishers. The good thing about Propeller ads rates is that the cost per impression rate of payment to publishers is transparent and justifiable. The country that the bulk of the impression to the website comes from also plays an important role in determining the rate that is paid. Despite the fact that rates on the website are well guarded, it is accepted that traffic from Canada, US, UK and EU is paid over $2-5 for the countries.

Propeller ads Ad Types

Multiple ad types are considered the sign of growth for an ad network. As far as ad networks are concerned, having a variety of ad types on offer that a network works with helps it attract more and more advertisers and publishers. Certain ad campaigns require multiple ad types to be used for the message to properly reach the target market, if an ad network is unable to have the full set of ad types, it can lose a number of advertising campaign as a result of its inability to provide proper choice. Propeller Ads fortunately, is able to understand that and one its strong points has been its ability to work with multiple ad types.

Some of the Propeller ads ad types on offer include:

  • Pop Under Ads
  • On click Ads
  • In banner video ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Mobile Advertising Ads

Propeller ads vs AdSense

As far as Propeller Ads vs AdSense comparison is concerned, for an ad network to truly find out where it stands in the market, it needs to match up against the leading ad network. AdSense has continued to gain prominence over the years and today it is considered a leading ad network in the market. The fact that it is backed up by Google has helped its standing.

In terms of the rates that are being paid, the two networks are close by to one another. Both networks believe in adequately compensating publishers based on the number of impressions per website. However, the sheer size and volume of the revenue earned by Google has helped it offer higher rates to publishers as compared to other companies. On the other hand, Propeller Ads offer high eCPM rates which attract publishers and advertisers alike.

Similarly, in terms of operation, the span of operation for AdSense is spread out all over the globe. The fact that it is Google’s company helps it function in all countries where Google is used. Similarly, Propeller Ads has been able to spread out its operations from its home base in British Virgin Islands to a number of different countries. In fact, even its website is available in a number of different languages.

In terms of customer support, both ad networks go the extra mile in helping publishers and advertisers control their advertising campaigns and monetize their websites. In that regard, despite losing the comparison against AdSense, Propeller Ads does have potential to grow and expand. Despite not being a sure shot alternative to AdSense, the ad network can be used by people looking to experiment with their choice of ad network in the future.

Propeller ads Review, Rates, Overall

Simple, intelligent and effective, these are three adjectives that stand out on the ad network’s website.  Having looked at Propeller Ads review, rates and overall, it is clear that the growing number of publishers and advertisers flocking to the ad network is a sign of its ever growing clout. Not just that, in terms of return on investment the ad network is able to cater to the needs of its customers. It offers high rates to publishers, tools for advertisers to draft and manage winning advertising campaigns while ensuring that effective customer support is ever present.

Conversant Review

This blog will review the second biggest adverting network in terms of display advertising online, called Conversant (according to ComScore). This Conversant review will take a look at the features offered by the ad network and how it has continued to grow and risen to such immense heights. As part of the review, it will also be compared with AdSense, one of its leading competitors to see how it stacks up against it.

Conversant Review

Conversant has been in the ad network market for over 16 years. The country has continued to grow ever since, today it is ranked alongside Media.net and AdSense as the leading companies in the world of ad networks. The thing that stands out about Conversant, and one of the strong points it has, is its bare minimum publisher requirements and the opportunity to provide premium advertisers to publishers based on the quality of their offer instead of the handling of formalities.

The quality of ads offered is above standards for most other ad networks. Some of the leading advertisers around the globe turn to this ad network when they are looking to promote a brand or business or send their message across the divide of mediums and into people’s phones, tablets, computers, etc. Being in the market for 16 years has meant that as well as a wealth of business acumen, conversant is able to offer customers a number of top notch technologies to savor.

Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by Conversant:

  • A file rate of 100%
  • Complete Publisher control on Advertisements
  • Real Time Stats
  • Minimum traffic requirements
  • Global platform can be used anywhere in the world
  • Empowered reporting system
  • A complete set of ad inventories
  • A variety of publishers from mobile to web can monetize using this platform
  • On time payments to publishers
  • A support team always on the prowl, looking for dangers and sorting it out

Conversant Rates

In terms of rates, Conversant is another one in the long line of ad networks that are reluctant to let out their rates on view for the general public. Instead, in most cases, the rates are kept guarded away and only publishers and advertisers part of the platform know them. By way of this Conversant review, details of the Conversant rates have emerged. On the face of it, the rates being offered by the ad network site are cheap. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the network has continued to grow and keep itself at the very top of the ad network market.

The rates being charged by the network are far lower than most other competitors in the market. Despite the fact that the platform plays host to some of the largest number of publishers and advertisers found at a single platform, the rates are both justified and reasonable. On top of that, the rates include the ad network’s customers support from experts who are ready to help at any given time.

Conversant Ad Types

To be one of the three or top two leading networks in the competitive ad network arena requires more than sheer luck and hard work. Not all customers are the same and the advertising market stretches far and wide. To cater to different customers and different advertisers, there is a need to cater different ad types. Conversant is one of the leading networks in terms of variety of ad types on offer. Most of these ad types are offered at other networks as well, the only problem is that all of them offered by one network are a rather rare feat.

Here is a look at some of the Conversant ad types allows customers to buy and sell:

  • Display (includes all sizes except 336 x 280)
  • Video (Pre roll and post roll as well as In Banner)
  • Mobile

Conversant Vs. AdSense

The rivalry of  Conversant vs AdSense is definitely not new and it is ultimately not one that is bound to end with this comparison. In terms of rates being charged, Conversant is unable to match the low rates being offered by AdSense. This is largely down to the fact that AdSense is the product of Google and the network has one of the world’s biggest IT Company backing it all the way. While both offer customers similar opportunities, the fact of the matter is that AdSense is right now the leading ad network in the world and that is down to the range of websites that it has and the geographical markets that it covers.

The sheer size of AdSense is able to eclipse the former. Despite that, Conversant has a few punches of its own. The complication free publisher induction at this ad network is almost un parallel which is one of the reasons why publishers and advertisers still flock to the network. The quality and the rates as well are right up there with the most competitive ones in the market.

Yes, Conversant may not be the right alternative to replace AdSense permanently, it can be an alternative for people who want to experiment or for the time being change their ad network. It can also work in combination with AdSense.

Conversant Review, Rates, Overall

Conversant has been able to provide customers with a new way of marketing. It offers advertisers the chance to enjoy cutting edge advertising campaigns. Its range of ad types includes static to video based advertisements that can reach consumers even in the comforts of their homes. Conversant is able to provide a platform for publishers and advertisers to develop a strategy that takes their brand and business forwards. It charges a reasonable fee for its part and provides the chance to get support from its ever ready representatives if need be.

All in all as part of Conversant review, rates, overall, despite not being the fastest ad network off the blocks, 16 years of experience and technological expertise have made Conversant a formidable proposition in the ad network arena.


Adsoptimal Review

Adsoptimal is one of the leading advertising networks in the world. The ad network was formed back in the October of 2012 in the city of San Francisco, California. The strength of Adsoptimal has been its high CPM rates and it offers a major source of revenue to both publishers and bloggers who are willing to lend their website’s ad spaces to advertisers to market their brand.


The ad network has a long list of partners that it has worked with to make sure it is able to offer its customers the optimum performance that they deserve. Some of the partners that are able to help them include advertising giants like Media LifeStreet, Double Click by Google, Google’s AdSense, and Criteo. One of the things that has made this ad network a popular one is the fact that over a hundred thousand sites are already using the ad network and more are following. Packed with high end technology to help customers thrive, the ad network offers its customers the best in customer support.

The reason for the best customer support representatives being involved with the ad network is to make sure that the publishers and advertisers are able to solve problems that they face using the network. Here is a look at some of the features that Adsoptimal has to offer to advertisers and publishers alike:

  • A wide variety of virtual reality advertising opportunities in addition to other more traditional ad formats.
  • 10% commissions simply on referrals for up to a year
  • Specially optimized and designed system for work on mobile phones
  • Minimum payment balance of $50 only.
  • Signup bonuses worth $15-$10 based on the quality of the website and the number of visitors that are involved.
  • No requirement for minimum traffic for publishers and website owners to become a part of the advertising network.
  • No use of Malicious advertisements

Adsoptimal Rates

In terms of payment, Adsoptimal is surprisingly liberal. It has a multilayered payment system which not only cater to the needs of the publishers who are providing an ad space for the advertisement to be displayed, it also offers website owners money on joining the ad network, on referrals, etc. In terms of the CPM rates being offered to publishers, they are one of the highest in the current market. This is largely due to the fact that Adsoptimal rates are drafted keeping in mind the importance of the publishers.

As far as the rates by the ad network for its services are concerned, they are nominal. The rates being charged by Adsoptimal for providing publishers and advertisers a platform, giving them latest technology to work on and a chance to increase their brand value is justifiable. This is primarily because it is proportionate to the services that are being offered by the ad network. For example: in terms of customer support, it has dedicated staff to help publishers and advertisers understand the functioning of the system better.

Adsoptimal Ad Types

Like most ad networks which are older and more experienced than Adsoptimal, it is clear to the professionals behind the ad network that the need for a variety of ads is important to flourish in the industry. Some of the largest ad networks need to be able to offer publishers and advertisers different ad campaigns so that they are able to choose the right one that fits their need.

Adsoptimal understands the importance of ad types and therefore the networks offer its customers a wide variety of ads. Here is a look at the current offers in Adsoptimal ad types:

  • Display Ads
  • Page Level Ads
  • Inline Ads
  • Small Leader board Ads
  • Leader board Ads
  • Medium rectangle Ads
  • Wilde Skyscraper Ads

Adsoptimal vs AdSense

An Adsoptimal vs AdSense comparison is unfair in some respects, mainly because the two ad networks have been able to work in combination with one another for a long time. Irrespective of that, both are ad networks and both want to be the leading ad network in the market. In terms of AdSense that is already the case. Google’s ad network is the largest network in terms of its size and even with over a hundred thousand websites using it, Adsoptimal is dwarfed in comparison to the former.

In terms of the rates being charged, both ad networks are able to justify the expenses being charged by providing optimum service and state of the art technology. While AdSense does charge a lower rate as compared to Adsoptimal, both of them are able to offer high quality services and control to advertisers and publishers.

In terms of customer support, the two ad networks are close to one another. While both ad networks are able to hire competent staff to deal with requests of advertisers and publishers, AdSense just edges out from the other ad networks primarily down to the sheer size of its investment in customer support. All in all, Adsoptimal is a good ad network which may not be the replacement to AdSense but can well be replacement to it for people looking to try out newer markets and different approaches of advertising.

Adsoptimal Review, Rates, Overall

Having taken a look at Adsoptimal review, rates, overall it is clear that the ad network which was only established a few years ago has experienced exponential growth. This growth can be attributed to a number of different factors, narrowing down to the fact that it has been revered ever since its entry in the market as one of the best CPM Ad Networks. Finally, this ad network for all of its potential deserves a chance from both publishers and advertisers.

One of the calling cards of the ad network is the fact that it does not discriminate in between websites based on their traffic, allowing publishers of all websites and blogs to be a part of the ad network irrespective of their online standing in the market. This ad network is a good choice for website owners who are unable to get into Google AdSense’s Ad network.


AdSense Alternative Ad Networks (2017 Edition)

Finding an AdSense Alternative Ad Network in 2017 can be difficult because of all ad networks to choose from. We’ve put together our list of of the top 25 AdSense alternative ad networks based on data from our publishers.

1. Adbuff

Adbuff is one of the fastest growing AdSense Alternative ad networks. Because we work exclusively with the highest quality advertisers, only premium ads are served. Approval is strict and as a result, we only accept the highest quality publishers.

Criteria for acceptance in the Adbuff network are as follows:

  • English sites only
  • Majority of traffic from USA/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Minimum 2,000 pageviews per day

2. UberCPM – Sign Up

UberCPM is one of the only instant approval AdSense Alternative networks available. In addition to solid rates, instant approval and real time stats, UberCPM is perfect for small publishers.


UberCPM has relaxed rules for publishers but they also have zero tolerance for cheaters.

3. AdsOptimal – Sign Up

AdsOptimal is an innovative AdSense Alternative ad network that delivers high quality ads and high eCPM / RPM rates. They deliver a mobile ad unit that is perfectly placed on any device and therefore generates more clicks. Publishers report that they get more clicks using AdsOptimal placements.


AdsOptimal has a strict approval process since they leverage Alexa rank to determine your eligibility.

4. Chitika – Sign Up

Chitika is a well established AdSense Alternative network that delivers unique display banners. They offer modest eCPM rates for publishers who can maintain a strong click-through rate. Their ads consist primarily of text ads, similar to AdWords.


Chitika has loose approval criteria so smaller publishers are likely to be approved on this network.

5. Clicksor – Sign Up

Clicksor is a well established Canadian Adsense Alternative Ad Network that delivers strong revenue for publishers. They work directly with their own advertisers, which means some ads may contain pop-ups. That said, they approve nearly all publishers which is ideal for small sites.



They do claim to be a contextual ad network but we haven’t seen their technology be effective. That said, they do have attractive ads that appeal to a broad and general audience.

6. Media.net – Sign Up

Media.net is Yahoo and Bing’s official response to Google AdSense because it delivers comparable eCPM rates to AdSense with clean ads from high quality advertisers. They were acquired on August 22nd, 2016 so the future of the company may be in question.


It is very difficult to get accepted to Media.net and as such you will require a large site that is well established with a lot of traffic. For those accepted, they enjoy very strong revenue for the website traffic.

7. Conversant – Sign Up

Conversant is a high quality AdSense Alternative network with strong partnerships with both publishers and advertisers. They only work with large established brands and offer a large variety of CPA (affiliate), video, display and other offers to use on your website.



Publishers signing up for the CPA/affiliate offers are instantly approved for placements since advertisers only pay for conversions. For display and video advertising, there is a strict approval process because of the high quality advertisers.

8. Criteo – Sign Up

Criteo is one of the largest ad networks since they purchase large bulks of inventory from Google AdX. If you view ad networks in your AdSense account, it’s likely the Criteo is closely behind Google AdWords. Criteo has one of the strictest approval processes for publishers and as a result, only the very largest will be accepted into their ad network.


We encourage you to try your luck with Criteo because you will enjoy very high RPMs that are comparable to AdSense.

9. Infolinks – Sign Up

Infolinks is a long-established ad network that’s definitely worth a try since hey deliver ads similar to Google AdSense “sponsored links”. The display ads show simple text links that pay on a CPC basis. They are widely regarded as having loose approval criteria and therefore small publishers benefit from monetization with them.


Infolinks eCPMs are known to be on the lower end because their ads aren’t often contextualized or relevant to the user viewing them. That said, they can be worth a try if you are struggling to get approved by other AdSense Alternative ad networks.

10. Vibrant Media – Sign Up

Vibrant Media has been around since the inception of the web. They have a large variety of ad units available as an AdSense Alternative. Lately they have been making strides with native ads, but they also have conventional IAB display available as well.



Expect high eCPMs from Vibrant media for sites they approve. We recommend signing up and giving them a trial run.

11. WWW Promoter – Sign Up

WWWPromoter offers reasonably clean ads and average eCPM rates for publishers. In addition to hundreds of direct advertisers to choose from, you have the ability to set multiple CPM floor rates. Hence, WWW Promoter is a good option to optimize your ad waterfall.



Their approval process is loose and they approve small publishers on a regular basis.

12. Media Nexus – Sign Up

MediaNexus is one of the only AdSense Alternative networks that takes a vertical approach to their ad network. Because they only approve publishers from a handful of verticals, ads are highly relevant to your audience and more likely to generate engagement.



Media Nexus offers very attractive eCPM rates for publishers in the right verticals.

13. RevenueHits – Sign Up

RevenueHits is an instant approval ad network that offers IAB display banners on a CPA basis. Sign up and earn instantly with no website approval required. Their ads aren’t the cleanest and they are known to have the occasional malware ad, but the revenue is impressive when you generate clicks.



RevenueHits is a last resort when other AdSense Alternative networks reject your site. If you are looking for instant approval, we recommend UberCPM.

14. PropellerAds – Sign Up

PropellerAds is a pure CPA AdSense Alternative network since they offer a variety of display banners and direct link options for publishers. Their ads target primarily download sites, with many of their ads containing a “download” button. These ads generate clicks because they trick the visitor into clicking on them.



AdSense will not approve download or streaming sites because they violate copyright policies. The alternative is PropellerAds, who offers high rates for conversion traffic on those “tricked” visitors but doing so by showing a misleading ad. We feel the need to mention that we do not condone such ads, nor these types of sites. With that, PropellerAds is the choice for you if you do choose to run such a site.

15. Adsoid – Sign-Up

Adsoid is one of the leading CPM AdSense Alternative networks offering a wide variety of ad units. Publishers can enjoy a $5 welcome bonus, but only if they meet the publisher approval criteria.



While not the highest rates available, Adsoid does offer a 100% fill rate on a variety of sizes and is worth giving a trial run to maximize your website revenue.

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