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There are few ad networks that are able to advertise content without making it sound like spam. One of the companies that are a pioneer in content advertising is This blog post is a review, which will take a look at the different aspects of the native advertising network and how it matches up against the more established market leader in the world of ad networks.

There are few ad networks dealing with content as popular as The network pays publishers to display high quality promoted content on their websites, across the web and on mobile applications, etc. The ad network is a more modern form of earning money of the number of people that you entertain online. Publishers are given a chance to earn money by using the algorithm system on their websites.

The content provided by networks is usually responsive, it is adjustable in size in line with the outlook of the website; and it loads fast. All of these are measures intended to make sure that the publisher’s website and their reputation is not tarnished because of the ads and that they can enjoy normal functionality on it.

Here is a look at some of the features that has to offer to the customers that have become a part of their platform:

  • It is fast, in most case it takes little time to sign up and start the process of advertising your brand
  • It is compatible across a wide range of devices including tablets, mobile, PCs, etc.
  • Higher rates offered to publishers for worldwide traffic
  • Makes sure that the publisher’s website is free of malware, etc.
  • Does not use ads for objectionable content, which include pornography, etc.
  • Offers customers a powerful publisher panel which is backed with loads of advanced features and it can give a person access to hundreds of real time statistics. Rates

The rates being charged by are acceptable and justifiable for their services; a good thing is that the rate being paid to the publishers is based on a number of factors that make sure there is no bias against a publisher. Higher rates are usually offered to a publisher who has traffic on their websites generated all over the world. The website needs to be free of malware. The fact of the matter is that the higher the rates offered to the publisher, the more traffic they need to be able to generate. The calculation of the rates being paid is made on the basis of eCPM and eCPC advertising.

In terms of the rate that the network charges for its services and for the tools that it provides. That is not as much as one would expect from a network that is able to provide the kind of facilities that are provided by The quality of the promoted content is good, so is the turnaround time. All of this justifies the rate that they are charging, which is still less than rates being charged by other ad networks. Ad Types

The quality of an ad network can usually been ascertained by the type of ads that they have on offer. strives to have a wide range of content related ads that can be used on websites to promote brands that advertisers want to promote. Some of the leading ad networks have a wide array of ad types on offer. This is primarily down to the fact that the more wide the array of ad types, the more advertisers and publishers can be attracted to the ad network.

Here is a look at some of the ad types on offer:

  • Display Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop Up ads
  • Pop Down Ads
  • Side Bar Ads
  • Promoted Content Ads vs AdSense

At the end of the day, an ad network has to compete with another ad network. vs AdSense is one of the comparison that will help provide a measure of the ad network.

In terms of quality of service, both AdSense and are able to offer a wide range of services to their customers. The two systems offer tools and inventory that can be used to produce advertisements that are both easy to access and targeted at the customers. AdSense understandably is able to take a slight lead in this regard because of it being a Google network.

In terms of area of operations, is able to offer a wide range of both publishers and advertisers. This wide array is more than what most ad networks are able to offer. Unfortunately, for the ad network though, Ad Sense has a much bigger area of operations. AdSense operates all over the world in 196 countries, with revenue streams coming from all over the world. It is also one of the largest website collections in the world.

All in all, while is unable to topple AdSense, it does pack a punch. It has a number of good things on offer, which makes it a good choice for people who are looking to experiment with ad networks and would want to change AdSense. Review, Rates, Overall

It can be said, having gone through review, rates, overall that the ad network does have ability. There is a reason that it is the most popular ad network in the world and the fact of the matter is that while ad networks are not a new addition to the world of online advertising, there are seldom the right content advertisement networks. This network aims to change that situation, and in the process. it becomes a good choice for publishers.

Overall, is one network that you can and you should use. It is able to offer the right rates, based on proper calculations of visitors. On top of that, the content is looked at by the team of the ad network to make sure it is able to get through the strict and quality standard set by the network.

Taboola Review

This Taboola review will take a look at the different features of the top sponsored ad network in the world. Taboola is similar to other ad networking applications including Outbrain etc. which continue to set the tone for promoted content around the world. Taboola was founded in the year 2007. It continues to be one of the most sought after ad networks for publishers and advertisers alike as far as sponsored content is concerned.


Because of its size, the ad network has strict requirements for publishers that can become a part. To become a part, publishers need to have a minimum traffic of 500,000 page view per month, unless they are looking to use the promoted content to increase the number of visitors coming to their area. The ad network is fairly popular among publishers and advertisers and that is largely because it offers a wide range of state of the art services to them.

Its customers include large and successful firms such as TMZ, New York Times, etc. The ad network offers a steady stream of revenue to publishers who are able to come through the publisher requirements. On the other hand, advertisers simply have a chance to get content on websites where it has more chance of being clicked on and read. This means that Taboola offers advertisers access to responsive customers.

Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by Taboola.

  • A steady and healthy pay to publishers who are able to offer the right number of visitors on their websites
  • A simple widget which can be easy installed, found and made use of to get started with content promotion
  • Customer support system to help customers all the way, irrespective of the need and whether it is a publisher or an advertiser
  • Website variations in different languages to help reach out to people all over the globe, including one in Spanish.
  • Provides targeted traffic
  • A healthy CTR
  • A fill rate of 100%
  • Easy to handle and customize the advertisements
  • Publishers and advertisers have complete control over the content

Taboola Rates

An ad network is unable to flourish if it cannot offer publishers the right rate for their ad spaces and charge lower rates from advertisers that they are going to pay other advertising networks. The high CTR is what has shot the Taboola up to fame. The rate for ad spaces and promoted content being displayed on another person’s website is typically high which has meant that publishers can get as high a CTR as 15% or $0.15 per click.

Despite the fact that Taboola rates are well guarded on their website, the rates they charge for their services aren’t high either. The charges are a proportion of the earning of the publisher, making it reasonable for the advertiser and the publisher. For both, the need to pay Taboola is down to the fact that it provides them with facilities to check the performance of the advertisement real time, gives them complete control over the advertisements on offer.  The rates offered by Taboola are one of the reasons why promoted content has continued to become popular over the years and hence is justifiable.

Taboola Ad Types

For an ad network to be able to survive, it needs to be able to cater to the needs of the publishers and the advertisers. Different advertisers can have different needs. Most advertisers don’t have a set advertising type in mind and would prefer to be able to have options in their purchase. The same is the case for publishers; certain publishers are not comfortable with certain types of ads. Similarly, Taboola understands the need in the market and is thus able to produce high quality ad types.

Here is a look at the Taboola ad types on offer:

  • In Content Ads
  • Side Bar Widget
  • Link Widget
  • Related Content Widget
  • Custom Native Ads
  • Rich Media Display Ads
  • Custom Display Ads
  • Mobile Web Ads

Taboola vs AdSense

Taboola vs AdSense is a comparison that needs to be made if proper review of Taboola is to be made. The important thing about AdSense is that it is powered by Google. This means in terms of the span of operation, AdSense is able to beat Taboola. Despite that, Taboola does have a sizeable coverage of its own. Testament to its multi cultural appeal is the fact that its website has a translated version in different languages.

The rates being offered by Taboola and AdSense are similar in more ways than one. First up, the rates both ad networks offer to the publishers are high which is why more and more publishers are willing to let promoted content on their website. Similarly, the rates they charge for their services are low. AdSense is able to offer lower rates primarily because of its financial clout and that is what makes it better in terms of rates to Taboola.

Despite that, Taboola continues to be a high quality ad network, which focuses most of its energy on content promotion advertising. It is a good network for people to use who are looking to experiment with their advertising network.

Taboola Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having taken a look at Taboola review, rates, overall, it is clear that the ad network has distinct potential. It offers a wide range of services to customers, irrespective of whether they are publishers or advertisers. It offers a wide variety of ad types in addition to promoted contents, and yet that continues to be the mainstay of the ad network.

The rate that it is offering as well as the overall performance of the ad network is encouraging. It is willing to provide the right rates to publishers in a bid to encourage them to allow more space. The customer support personnel for example are willing to help advertisers and publishers with different customer support representatives to ensure they are able to understand the ad network, and make the most of its functionality.


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