Videology Review

This piece gives the readers a Videology review. The company provides its customers with an advertising and technology platform that is packed with solutions to their major problems. While most online platform have expanded their advertising base and started to make use of the more tech heavy ad spaces on offer, this company has continued focus on providing facilities to the customers in managing, handling, creating and controlling video and TV advertising. Videology is the brainchild of the people who founded Without fail, Videology is considered the largest video advertising network in the market.

videology-reviewThe company works primarily over the internet and its wide range of customers that it is able to cater to include agencies, advertisers, media companies, and publishers, etc. Videology has been on an aggressive growth strategy and were able to raise $300 million recently.

The founder of the company Mr. Scott Ferber has been able to turn the platform from one that entered the market with little notice to the home of video advertising. Ever since it was founded back in the year 2007, the company has continued to expand. Working under private ownership, has allowed Videology to offer quality performance that has attracted both publishers and advertisers alike. Here is a look at some of the features that Videology Inc. is able to offer:

  • Providing advertisers with a campaign engine, where marketers are given a platform to plan, optimize and buy digital advertising campaigns across a number of different platforms and screens
  • Allows customers to measure digital advertising campaigns
  • Offers planning solutions
  • Offers forecasting solutions
  • Allows access to third party solutions
  • Solutions to reporting and analytics problems
  • Ability to manage and track traffic
  • Ensures actionable insight to the audience

Videology Rates

At the end of the day, both publishers and advertisers are concerned with the rates being charged. If the rate being charged by Videology for its services is lower, more and more advertisers will feel encouraged to join the platform. Similarly, if the rate being offered to publishers for posting the ad video on their website is high, publishers will be more willing to lend ad spaces on their website since it earns them good money.

In terms of Videology rates, the network has kept it well guarded on its website. Irrespective, as per publishers, the amount being paid by the biggest video ad-network on the internet for their ad spaces is reasonable and justifiable. Despite not being the highest, the rate being paid is based on the amount of visitors and unique visitors that come to the website. This makes it a more objective way of paying publishes, decreasing discrepancies or favoritism in the payments being made to the publishers.

Similarly, the advertisers are charged lower prices, but there are networks that charge even lower prices. The reason for the rates being charges has got to with the facilities that the platform offers to advertisers. It offers advertisers a number of options to create, control, and manage their advertisement campaigns. On top of that, its rates are justifiable because of the effective customer support that it continues to offer to its customers.

Videology Ad Types

For an ad network to flourish, it needs to have different ad formats and types that they should work in. Despite the fact that this ad network is considered one of the oldest and most prosperous video ad networks, it does offer other ad types and ad formats to the customers. The more the choice of ad types, the greater the avenues of development available to an ad network, because most advertisers are looking for variety, before they settle on one particular type.

Here is a look at the Videology Ad Types on offer:

  • Video (all sizes and formats)
  • TV ads

Videology vs AdSense

A Videology vs AdSense comparison will give the reader a measure of the potency of the former. While one is a video ad network restricted in performance solely on the video advertisement, the other is a more far-reaching, broad based ad network that is backed by one of the largest tech companies in the world. While Videology is also the brainchild of founders, it does not have the same economic power behind it as AdSense. This discrepancy is evident in terms of the rate being charged and paid by the ad network. While AdSense is able to pay higher rates to publishers, it also offers lower rates to advertisers.

Videology cannot match AdSense in terms of their economic clout. However, in terms of technology, the two have closer contest. Both are able to offer advertisers the chance to create, manage, and control their advertisement campaigns. Similarly, in terms vetting of publishers to enter the website, both have strict criterions based on the number of people that regularly visit the website, etc.

While Videology cannot quite catch up to the same level as AdSense, it does have considerable potential. Due to its limited scope, it cannot be a wholesome alternative to AdSense but it could be the right option for people who are looking to experiment with video ads.

Videology Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion having looked at the Videology review, rates, overall it can said that while the ad serving platform displays immense potential for growth. It has continued to go from strength to strength ever since its foundation was laid in the year 2007.  One of the reasons for its growth has been the fact that it has set it sights on a particular set of ad types and it has continued to develop that niche. Instead of over stretching the ad network and its resources, it has kept a focused approach on video ads, which has meant that it is now the biggest video ad network on the internet.

Because it has a video ad centric approach, it is able to develop technology that is specific to the field, offering greater usability to advertisers and publishers alike. The customer support to back it up, in combination with the reasonable rates being charges, makes it a more plausible option for people to use. All in all, the potential in Videology is there to see, and the fact that it has become the top video ad network speaks volumes of the quality on offer.

Vertoz Review

This content piece provides a Vertoz review. The programmatic company is not a new entrant in the market and it has continued to help provide solutions to companies with regards to their advertising and monetization needs. The primary concept of the ad network is to bring a number of top publishers and advertisers around the world under a single roof where they can cut deals with one another and solve one another’s advertising needs. The company has dedicated account specialists that help businesses manage to get the best return on investment on the amount they have put as part of the advertising expenditure.

Vertoz ReviewAs far as Vertoz is concerned, it is able to offer a new formula to its customers to help them make the most of the relationship between the advertisers and the publishers. Its “indigenous plex” formula is able to empower advertisers further by using RTB enabled technology along with customer data. This unique system promises monetizing solutions which are tailored to the needs and wants of each client. In terms of ad networks the market can continually change and new entrants in the market spell for a new strategy.

This is something Vertoz is an expert in. It is able to adapt to the changing market dynamics to ensure that the publishers and advertisers on the network are able to make the most of the situation. Here is a look at some of the features that Vertoz ad network offers:

  • The ad network is able to offer high quality ad inventory for advertisers and publishers to work with
  • The CPM rates on offer are competitive and widely accepted by publishers around the world
  • There is no delay in payments; they are paid to the concerned parties on time without the slightest of delays.
  • Offers a 100% fill rate
  • The customer support payments are dedicated.

Vertoz Rates

For ad networks to be able to attract publishers to their website, they need to be able to offer higher CPM rates than their competitors. In terms of the rates being offered, Vertoz is right up there with most other ad networks in paying high CPM rates to lure prospective publishers and website owners willing to sell ad spaces on their website.  The minimum payout amount however is kept at $100 which means a payment of less than $100 cannot be made unless another payment takes the overall payment amount beyond that.

Similarly, the commission charged by the ad network is based on CPC and CPM basis. The costs it charges from advertisers are deducted from the truncation they have with the publishers instead of wanting them to pay an upfront fee. The rates being charged from advertisers and the Vertoz rates offered to publishers are justified primarily because the ad network offers greater control, quality of ads and multiple tools to help both parties solve their problems. For advertisers getting to advertise directly to their target audience is a healthy return on investment and similarly for publishers monetizing their website and ad spaces is a good way to earn revenue in the future.

Vertoz Ad Types

For ad network to flourish, the number of ad types on offer is important. Most ad networks prefer to offer a wide variety of ad types to the users which is primarily down to the fact that the more ad types are offered to the advertisers the better chance they have of advertising their product to the market. Keeping in line with that, Vertoz offers a variety of ad types that makes publishers comfortable with the types of advertisements that they display on their pages.

Here is a look at some of the Vertoz ad types on offer:

  • Video Ads
  • Search (XML feed) Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads

Vertoz vs AdSense

A true review of Vertoz cannot be complete unless it is reviewed against AdSense. This section takes a look at Vertoz vs AdSense. Both Vertoz and AdSense are ad networks that are considered as good networks by both advertisers and publishers. While AdSense is backed up by Google, Vertoz is a relatively new company that has made leaps and bounds of progress. In terms of revenue generated AdSense has greater revenue generated as compared to Vertoz.

This translates into greater rates being paid to the publishers as well as lower money being charged by ad network from advertisers for their services.  In terms of tools on offer both ad networks are able to give their users something distinct. As far as Vertoz is concerned it is able to give the user greater access to big data which can help the company flourish. Similarly, AdSense has one of the largest numbers of websites that work with the ad network, something Vertoz is striving for.

In terms of customer support, both can be considered at par in terms of quality, however, the fact that AdSense is spread all over the world helps its customer support team to understand multiple languages and needs of customers.

Despite falling short against AdSense, Vertoz is open to a larger group of publishers as compared to AdSense because it has relatively few requirements for its members. Yet, while Vertoz cannot be considered an alternative to AdSense it is a good choice for people who are looking for a change in the ad network company they work with. It is also able to work in coordination with AdSense.

Vertoz Review, Rates, Overall

Writing a conclusion for Vertoz is simpler now that Vertoz review, rates, overall have been considered. All in all Vertoz is an up and coming ad network which is trying to make a mark in a competitive market and it is doing so by providing high rates to its publishers, greater control to advertisers and better tools and technology for them to create ad campaigns. At core of Vertoz is to provide solutions for publishers and advertisers and it seems that is exactly what it strives for by helping advertisers reach their target audience while monetizing the publishers adequately.

YouTube Partner Program Review

YouTube partner program has been another one of the up and coming ad networks where video producers are given a chance to monetize their viewership by selling the ad spaces on the video to advertisers who are looking to directly advertise their brand. YouTube for creators review is an attempt to take a look at the partner program by YouTube and how it has been able to help normal people monetize their fame on a video making platform for greater earnings. The program is simple for publishers and advertisers to understand. To be able to make it work, the publisher of the video needs to have an account with Google AdSense since the ad network is a partner of You Tube in this program.

YouTube Partner Program Review Publisher sampling of the YouTube partner programs includes television and new giants such as CNN and New York Times. YouTube was created back in the year 2004 and its partner program was started as far back as the year 2007. The network is owned by Google, which is why AdSense holds the utmost importance in this regard. There are certain restrictions on the advertisers and the publishers that need to be followed if the advertisement is going to be publishable. Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by YouTube for creators to its customers:

  • Getting to manage the channel with creators studios
  • Outstanding customer support that is going to help YouTube video publishers and advertisers when they need it.
  • Learn with the creator Academy
  • Enjoy YouTube space to create your video
  • Higher CPM rates to publishers whose videos and channels are able to enjoy maximum subscriptions and viewers

YouTube Partner Program Rates

The rates offered by YouTube as part of its partner program are fairly competitive. The rates are based on a CPM and a CPC basis, which means that the network offers fair rates to the video publishers based on their credibility and their performance. The only catch here is that the policies with regards to eligible publishers who can monetize their videos continues to change which is why it is important that the person signed up for the partner program is able to sign up to the partner program with relative ease.

For most publishers who are part of the partner program, the primary source of worry is whether YouTube partner program rates will decrease their revenue stream. That is not the case. In fact, in most cases the revenue stream is likely to expand with multiple new avenues opening up based on the rates being offered. Yes, the network does charge a certain payment up front from people before actually letting them become a part, but that amount is neither expensive, nor does it need to be paid over and over again. Instead, the facilities being offered by YouTube to advertisers and publishers in particular more than justify the costs being charged, that is if they are being charged in the first place.

YouTube Partner Program Ad Types

Ad types are what determine the success and failure of an ad network. Most advertisers and publishers are looking for variety to ad types so that they have attracted the customers and users in a number of different ways. YouTube partner program despite being different to the ordinary ad networks continues with the ad network tradition. It makes sure that multiple ad types are on offer to ensure that the advertisers and the publishers are comfortable working with the YouTube partner program.

Here is a look at the different types of YouTube partner program ad types:

  • Display advertisements
  • Banner Advertisements (300 x 250)
  • In video advertisements
  • Overlay Ads
  • True View Ads
  • Non Skip-able Ads

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense is one comparison that will give us a true measure of how effective YouTube’s partner program is. In reality, this comparison is a little unfair to make since both are Google’s operations and YouTube partner program is heavily dependent on AdSense to function. So much so that for a person to act as a Publisher on YouTube Partner program they need to have an account on Google’s AdSense.

In terms of the scale of operations, AdSense is much bigger than YouTube partner program. While YouTube has only started to expand its operations in different parts of the globe, AdSense is already a household ad network. This has more to do with the fact that AdSense has a wider sphere to work with— it can publish ads on websites, as well as videos, whilst the former is only restricted to YouTube videos and ad spaces that open up in that.

In terms of the rate being charged, YouTube partner program offers reasonable rates to video publishers. As a result, there is a new age of video publisher growing as part of the YouTube brand of things. The rates are acceptable because of the facilities that YouTube is able to offer its publishers, including a studio to work in if a set number of subscribers are maintained. AdSense on the other hand offers high rate to publishers, allowing flocks of websites to become a part of the network primarily because of the promise of earning more revenue off it.

YouTube Partner Program Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having looked at the YouTube Partner program review, rates, overall it can be said that the ad network continues to grow. The fact that videos are so popular has helped the ad network expand its reach to the audience. A measure of the growth of this ad network is that ever since it has begun, it has helped a new breed of entrepreneurs rise up and earn money as video publishers by posting and creating videos. The rates being charged by the ad network are understandable and helped by the facilities that YouTube is able to provide to its customers.

The YouTube partner program has a wide variety of customer service representatives and ad types looking to help publishers and advertisers get their message across to the people.

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