Chitika was founded back in 2003. The company has continued to grow over the years and has now established itself as one of the cornerstones of the online ad network market. The headquarters of the ad network are in Westborough, MA, and it has been featured in some of the most prestigious rankings around the globe, including Red Herring Global Top 100. This post will provide a Chitika review, taking a look at the features, rates, and ad types that the network has to offer.

Chitika Review

The core belief behind the ad network has been to function according to the customer’s needs. They offer a platform for customers to buy and sell ads with over 350 000 plus quality publishers helping advertisers that range in millions get their message across to the masses.

According to statistics posted on their official website, they have served around four billions ads per month for its customers. Irrespective, the ad network has been able to give off exuberance, technology, and ease of use for their customers to enjoy. One thing that stands out about the network is the level of support they are prepared to provide their customers. The customer support representatives are ready to help publishers and advertisers alike solve their problems and make the most of the issue at hand.

Here is a look at some of the features of that Chitika has to offer:

  • Low minimum payment for advertisers
  • Enhanced quality of ads and variety of ads on offer
  • Options to customize color schemes of ads posted online
  • Options to customize placements of ads posted
  • Easy to use for the average user
  • An state of the art interface

Chitika Rates

People who are using Chitika and are paying Chitika rates, be it a publishers or advertisers have immense potential to win and win big. Chitika ad network makes use of the technology, which is designed to cater to each and every individual with relevant ads that suit their needs and demands. The rates aren’t fixed and may vary according to the keyword used. The rate being charged is also important because it impacts the ad’s CPM.

Despite all that, the rate charged by Chitika is reasonable to say the least. Most publishers are able to enjoy a good level of return on their investment because they have had to invest a smaller amount in advertising than they would have had the rates been illogical. One of the reasons behind the fair rates being charged by Chitika is the fact that one of its offices is in India, where labor costs, etc., does affect the final decision on rates.

Chitika Ad Types

For an ad network to survive in a competitive market like this for 13 years and establish a stable base is testament to the quality of the service that they offer and the variety of their products. For an ad network like Chitika, variety in ad types is important in making sure that the number of publishers and advertisers attracted to the platform continue to rise.

As part of the Chitika review, here is a look at some of the Chitika ad types that the ad network has to offer:

  • Display Ads (468 x 60, 160 x 600, 120 x 600, 300 x 250)
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads (Text Links and Search Box)

The most notable absentee from the list of ad types is native ads which include a variety of advertisements such as widgets, paid search, in feeds, custom ads, etc.

Chitika Vs. AdSense

For an ad network company to be considered part of the elite networks they need to go toe to toe with AdSense. Google’s AdSense continues to lead the ad network arena. Chitika, whose name means speed, can find it hard to compete in a comparison against AdSense.

In terms of the variety of ads on offer, AdSense is able to trump Chitika. While the later does offer a number of robust ad types which can bring in large swathes of revenue and hundreds of publishers and advertisers, the list of ad types of short. It does not include mention of some of the more recent ad types that advertisers are wanting to explore. AdSense on the other hand has an extensive array of ad types on offer, which advertisers can choose from any time of the day.

In terms of rates, while the network does have fair and just rates, they cannot be categorized as cheap and for a large number of publishers, cheaper rates lead to greater profits. This is where AdSense is able to come in and provide those cheap rates and a number of quality services.

As far as coverage is concerned, in a Chitika vs. AdSense fight, Chitika does have a number of customers spread out evenly across Asia, Americas, and Europe. AdSense however, offers worldwide coverage. Google’s network operates all over the globe, leaving its mark on customers throughout the world.

While there is on one winner in this battle between the two ad networks, for Chitika all is not lost. It can still perform at the highest of levels and is still a viable option for people who are looking experiment with their ad network. Chitika can also be used alongside AdSense.

Chitika Review, Rates, Overall

All publishers and advertisers looking to be a part of Chitika are able to get their accounts opened for free. This is one of the many things that stand out about an ad network that has gradually established its identity in the world of online advertisement. Chitika review, rates , overall makes for a good reading.

The rates and the quality of the ad types on offer make Chitika a leading option for a majority of publishers and advertisers. The fact of the matter is that despite its limited ad variety, it has one of the strongest customer support systems, which help customers set up their accounts, control the ads that they want, and monitor the performance of the ads and how it has helped the business using a variety of tools on offer at the Chitika ad network.