This piece will provide CJ Affiliate review. CJ Affiliate is one of the leading ad network choices on offer for the general public when they are looking to advertise their brand to the public at large over the internet. This network was previously called Commission Junction and is a project of Conversant, itself one of the leading ad networks in the market. The affiliate program is touted as a great option for blog owners who are publishers even if they aren’t at the grand scale which is needed as a pre requisite for membership at certain ad networks.

CJ Affiliate Review

The platform is simple; it is widely available and accessible. The best part of this ad network is that to enter it, one simple needs to sign up. Once the person has signed up, they are able to explore the dashboard and try and set up deals that help them earn revenue. The system is simple and there is fairly no need for publishers to have prior training in the handling of such affairs. The CJ Affiliate network is packed with a number of different, ultimately helpful features. Here is a look at some of those features:

  • One account gives access to hundreds and thousands of top brands
  • It offers a wide range of pay for performance advertising opportunities
  • Easy to use platform with intuitive technology
  • Any publisher can enter the platform they don’t need to have a certain number of visitors to become eligible

CJ Affiliate Rates

The minimum payment threshold set by CJ Affiliate is $50. That is something of a middle ground between a high threshold and a lower one. This threshold does offer more room for advertisers to spend money uplifting their brand image more than they would have had the threshold been higher. This threshold though can be lower.

In terms of the CJ Affiliate rates, the network is keeping its rates guarded much like its parent network Conversant. The guarded rates though are set at an affordable rate. Despite not being the lowest, in terms of what the platform has to offer the rates are fair. The publisher’s share in the revenue is not set at a fixed rate and it can vary advertiser by advertiser. The network is prompt in making payments from their end, making sure that the payments are concluded before time. Payments can be made by way of a direct deposit or a check.

CJ Affiliate Ad Types

For an ad network to continue to flourish it needs to have a healthy number of ad types on offer. Different customers can often need different ad types to reach the customer of their choice. To cater to a wide range of customers, most ad networks have a wide array of ad types on offer. Fortunately, most of these ad types are common to most websites.

As part of the CJ Affiliate review here is a look at some of the CJ Affiliate ad types that this network has to offer:

  • Display ads (All sizes)
  • Pay per Click ads
  • Pay per Lead
  • Pay per sale
  • Performance Incentive Ads
  • PID ads
  • Placement Ads
  • Pop under Ads
  • Pop up Ads
  • Profile targeting Ads
  • Back link Ads

CJ Affiliate vs. AdSense

AdSense by Google is the leading ad network in the market. It is there for a number of reasons and despite the fact that newer competitors continue to enter the market; AdSense remains one of the leading networks in terms of quality, ad types, and the rates that they charge. In comparison to AdSense, CJ Affiliate is an up and coming network, which despite its blossoming growth is still considerably small against AdSense.

While both ad networks are backed by established names, there is one network that comes out on top in CJ Affiliate vs AdSense. It is Google with its financial and technological might that comes better off against Conversant itself an ad network company. In terms of the scope of operations, AdSense has customer and revenue streams stretching all over the globe, on the other hand, cj affiliate continues to expand from country to country. Their smaller coverage affects truly global publishers and advertisers from coming to the platform as of now, but that is bound to change in the coming months.

In terms of the rates, there is only one winner and that is AdSense. While the rates being charged by CJ Affiliate are no mean feat, the former is able to charge affordable prices owing to its established presence in the market and financial clout.

All in all, AdSense is no match for CJ Affiliate. However, being a newer ad network that has been able to provide customers with a number of viable choices, it can act as a choice for advertisers and publishers if they are looking for a relatively safe experiment.

CJ affiliate Review, Rates, Overall

CJ is a reliable ad network that is able to offer its customers a wide variety of tools to make their advertising journey easier. Most of the options can be used by people without the need to seek prior knowledge about the subject. The network offers its customers control over a wide variety of ad related functions which include getting affiliate banners, etc. More and more publishers continue to flock to the network primarily because it offers an easy path for new comers. There is no extensive requirement list that newcomers have to fulfill if they are looking to enter the network.

CJ Affiliate review, rates, overall makes for a good reading. The minimum payment threshold has also been decreased to a more manageable level. This has helped the publishers earn more since the advertisers are willing to spend without hesitancy. All in all it can be said, that while CJ Affiliate by Conversant is not the biggest network on the block, it has a number of promising tools that can help advertisers and publishers alike make the most of their effort. At the end of the day, it also offers users customer service which is aimed at solving the customer’s problems irrespective of its level of importance.