There have been a few ad networks stories that have inspired the people in the world of business and the story of Clickbank is no different. As far as click bank is concerned, it is able to sell lifestyle products which are cerated by passionate entrepreneurs to help advertisers spread their message to the audience of their choice. At the end of the day, this is an affiliate ad network which started off as in a garage when the founder of the company realized the importance of the changing world of internet and the growing need for advertisment online.

Clickbank Review

This piece is a Clickbank review which will asses different aspects of the company that has made its way into the top 100 internet retailers. As per  the official statement, the company has driven sales worth $3bn and continued to improve and affect the lives of over 200 million people around the world. One of the reaosns for the steady rise in fortunes of the company has been the quality of the service that they provied. They were able to act as a bridge between publsihers and advertisers.

Here is a look at some of the features about Clickbank:

  • It has a multi lingual customer service team which handles around 2000 calls a day
  • It works with advertisers and product creators from a wide range of fields to help transit their message to households across the globe
  • Helps in the creation, management and selling of digital products.
  • Offers its customers a powerful mobile e commerce and powerful online platform
  • The company avergaes 700,000 unqiue visits per month

Clickbank Rates

In terms of rates, Clickbank is one of the few ad networks willing to make timely payments and hand out commissions every two weeks. On top of that, there is no real payment threshold, which needs to be set at a higher rate; the minimum payment threshold set can be as low as $10 which is reasonable for almost everyone wanting to make the most of this platform.

Click bank rates are being charged  on a pay per sale basically means there is little or no relevance for any money that is offered extra. The network offers greater profits for its customers with commissions rising as high as 50% on some sales. The non incentive rule primarily applies to CPC, CPM and sites to store. As far as the rates being charged are concerned, despite not being the cheapest network off the block, the rates are acceptable.

Looking at the quality of the services on offer, especially the platform that brings both advertisers and publishers together is concerned; it makes for a justifiable rate. In most cases, the rates are welcoming for publishers but they can put off certain advertisers and publishers.

Clickbank Ad Types

One of the lifelines of an ad network is the type of ads that it offers its customers. This affiliated ad network is no different. To ensure that the number of customers accepting enough ads, and willing to join the platform are on a high, there needs to be a constant variety in ad types, largely because two customers may not want the same thing.

As part of the Clickbank review, here is a look at the some of the different Clickbank ad types on offer:

  • Marketplace Home Place Ads
  • Keyword Search Page Ad
  • Health and Fitness Page Ad
  • Self Help Page Ad
  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Ads
  • Display Banner Ads

Clickbank vs. AdSense

The two ad networks are different on many levels and a fair comparison of the two in terms of their ad types and scope of operations may not prove fruitful. Despite the fact that there are a large number of similarities in the way they function. However, in terms of rates being charged and the quality of services, scope of operations and technology a Clickbank vs. AdSense comparison can give an accurate picture.

In terms of the rates charged, the rate by Ad Sense is lower than what Clickbank charges, making the former more affordable than the later. This is largely down to the fact that AdSense has a bigger system of operation than Clickbank, which allows it larger revenue streams making it an affordable option to charge their clients lower for their services.

In terms of quality, both websites are close to one another. The only problem with Clickbank is that their tools are very basic, which is why customers need to in most cases be experts to make the most of the system. On the other hand, AdSense is customer friendly, it offers up to date tools that make it easy for the average user to start away, without the need for an extensive briefing.

Between the two, AdSense comes out trumps; however, that does not mean that Clickbank cannot be used. It is still a good system, which can be used in coordination with AdSense and in some cases exclusively for people who are looking to experiment with the choice of ad network.

Clickbank Review, Rates, Overall

Clickabank is an ad network, which is aimed at digital sales such as eBooks, information products, courses, etc. The fact that these commission types are lacking other incentives can hinder the further growth of the platform. Irrespective of that, it offers steady and fair rates for customers, offering commissions as high as 50% for users of its platform.

In summary of Clickbank review, rates, overall, it can be said that Clickbank is one of the easier systems to use. The system is both easy to sign up, helps with the support system and offers an easy signup option. Yes, the network has certain things that can be improved, but it has immense potential for growth. It is one of the most accessible networks for advertisers and publishers around the globe. It functions across 190 countries. The network is a good network for people who are starting out and especially good for people who are looking to get started with affiliate marketing since the area has a lot to offer.