This blog will review the second biggest adverting network in terms of display advertising online, called Conversant (according to ComScore). This Conversant review will take a look at the features offered by the ad network and how it has continued to grow and risen to such immense heights. As part of the review, it will also be compared with AdSense, one of its leading competitors to see how it stacks up against it.

Conversant Review

Conversant has been in the ad network market for over 16 years. The country has continued to grow ever since, today it is ranked alongside and AdSense as the leading companies in the world of ad networks. The thing that stands out about Conversant, and one of the strong points it has, is its bare minimum publisher requirements and the opportunity to provide premium advertisers to publishers based on the quality of their offer instead of the handling of formalities.

The quality of ads offered is above standards for most other ad networks. Some of the leading advertisers around the globe turn to this ad network when they are looking to promote a brand or business or send their message across the divide of mediums and into people’s phones, tablets, computers, etc. Being in the market for 16 years has meant that as well as a wealth of business acumen, conversant is able to offer customers a number of top notch technologies to savor.

Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by Conversant:

  • A file rate of 100%
  • Complete Publisher control on Advertisements
  • Real Time Stats
  • Minimum traffic requirements
  • Global platform can be used anywhere in the world
  • Empowered reporting system
  • A complete set of ad inventories
  • A variety of publishers from mobile to web can monetize using this platform
  • On time payments to publishers
  • A support team always on the prowl, looking for dangers and sorting it out

Conversant Rates

In terms of rates, Conversant is another one in the long line of ad networks that are reluctant to let out their rates on view for the general public. Instead, in most cases, the rates are kept guarded away and only publishers and advertisers part of the platform know them. By way of this Conversant review, details of the Conversant rates have emerged. On the face of it, the rates being offered by the ad network site are cheap. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the network has continued to grow and keep itself at the very top of the ad network market.

The rates being charged by the network are far lower than most other competitors in the market. Despite the fact that the platform plays host to some of the largest number of publishers and advertisers found at a single platform, the rates are both justified and reasonable. On top of that, the rates include the ad network’s customers support from experts who are ready to help at any given time.

Conversant Ad Types

To be one of the three or top two leading networks in the competitive ad network arena requires more than sheer luck and hard work. Not all customers are the same and the advertising market stretches far and wide. To cater to different customers and different advertisers, there is a need to cater different ad types. Conversant is one of the leading networks in terms of variety of ad types on offer. Most of these ad types are offered at other networks as well, the only problem is that all of them offered by one network are a rather rare feat.

Here is a look at some of the Conversant ad types allows customers to buy and sell:

  • Display (includes all sizes except 336 x 280)
  • Video (Pre roll and post roll as well as In Banner)
  • Mobile

Conversant Vs. AdSense

The rivalry of  Conversant vs AdSense is definitely not new and it is ultimately not one that is bound to end with this comparison. In terms of rates being charged, Conversant is unable to match the low rates being offered by AdSense. This is largely down to the fact that AdSense is the product of Google and the network has one of the world’s biggest IT Company backing it all the way. While both offer customers similar opportunities, the fact of the matter is that AdSense is right now the leading ad network in the world and that is down to the range of websites that it has and the geographical markets that it covers.

The sheer size of AdSense is able to eclipse the former. Despite that, Conversant has a few punches of its own. The complication free publisher induction at this ad network is almost un parallel which is one of the reasons why publishers and advertisers still flock to the network. The quality and the rates as well are right up there with the most competitive ones in the market.

Yes, Conversant may not be the right alternative to replace AdSense permanently, it can be an alternative for people who want to experiment or for the time being change their ad network. It can also work in combination with AdSense.

Conversant Review, Rates, Overall

Conversant has been able to provide customers with a new way of marketing. It offers advertisers the chance to enjoy cutting edge advertising campaigns. Its range of ad types includes static to video based advertisements that can reach consumers even in the comforts of their homes. Conversant is able to provide a platform for publishers and advertisers to develop a strategy that takes their brand and business forwards. It charges a reasonable fee for its part and provides the chance to get support from its ever ready representatives if need be.

All in all as part of Conversant review, rates, overall, despite not being the fastest ad network off the blocks, 16 years of experience and technological expertise have made Conversant a formidable proposition in the ad network arena.