There are seldom ad networks that can claim to have revolutionized the way advertising takes place as Infolinks is able to. The network has been a welcome change in the ad market, bringing in new ideas to the plate and making sure that the ideas not only stuck, but helped advertisers reach their required target audiences innovatively.

Infolinks Review

In the about section of Infolinks, the company talks about being a global advertising solution for the public at large. As part of the Infolinks review, it is clear that the network caters to all three ends of the ad world, focusing more on advertising through a unique platform instead of going for quantity.

The company has been able to enjoy immense and increasing support in many quarters of the marketing world largely because it is able to change the way advertising takes place. Infolinks for example, deals in ads other than traditional display ads taken up by Google, etc. It goes for better integrated and less prevalent ads that are able to produce advertisements which are inTag, inText, and inSearch.

The ad network has also been dubbed the publisher’s paradise, which is largely due to the fact that there is no minimum traffic requirement for the publisher to join the site and start trading in ads online. Here is a look at some of the features that Infolinks has to offer its customers:

  • Real Time intent
  • Keyword based real time bidding
  • Uses high engagement ad units
  • Relevant ads
  • An open platform for publishers to join in
  • The third largest marketplace for websites in the world
  • Enjoying operations in around 128 countries

Infolinks Rates

The quality of the ad network and the number of websites it has onboard matters, but what matters most for publishers and advertisers alike is the rate that is being charged. Perhaps one of the reasons for a large number people flocking to the network has been their accommodating rates. The rates being charged by the network despite not being clearly outlined on their website can be ascertained with relative ease.

The use of high tech ad does raise the rate a slight bit but the services being provided coupled with the quality of the services make for a pretty reading. The rate being charged is justifiable considering the platform that it has provided to both publishers and the advertisers. While it does lack a bit in terms of support, there is enough on the plate at  ad network to justify the Infolinks rates being charged.

Infolinks Ad Types

Infolinks is one of the easier networks to review primarily because Ad types being offered by them are different to other ad networks. The ad types being offered are relatively new and the traditional display ads are not part of the ad types of the ad network anymore. To a certain degree that has hurt the network, since display ads do have a large number of customers all around the world.

Some of the Infolinks ad types, include:

  • Innovative Display ads (all sizes)
  • Video Ads (In banner, InArticle, Post roll, Pre Roll)
  • In feed Ads
  • Custom Ads
  • In text Ads
  • IAB Standard Unit Ads
  • Recommendation Widgets
  • Paid Search
  • Promoted Listings
  • In frame Ads
  • In fold Ads

Infolinks vs AdSense

Infolink is able to empower advertisers to use intent based ads that are highly targeted and can appear in non-traditional but effective placements. The network ensures that the network helps customers overcome banner blindness. Despite all its plus points Infolinks vs. AdSense comparison is hard to land in favor of the former.

The fact that AdSense is Google’s ad network gives it an advantage most other ad networks can’t have. On top of that, in terms of rates, the two hardly match up. While AdSense charges lower rates from its customers despite providing high quality ad buying and selling opportunities, Infolinks is able to justify the higher prices on the quality of their service.

Both are ready to help prospective customers deal with problems that may arise with customers by setting up support centers and help lines. The only problem here is the fact that despite all the best efforts of Infolinks it is still only the third biggest ad network platform as far as the number or websites on it are concerned and on the other hand, AdSense continues to be the leading ad network in the world based largely on their performance.

Despite the fact that Infolinks is able to span its operations across the globe, the fact of the matter is that AdSense continues to have clients in almost all countries around the world.

While Infolinks may not be the right alternative to AdSense, it can be an option for publishers and advertisers who are looking for innovation and want to experiment with their choice.

Infolinks Review, Rates, Overall

Infolinks is unlike ordinary ad networks that are competing with one another for greater market share. Instead, it offers a refreshing new way for advertisers to make the most of different mediums spread out over the internet. From video ads to other in banner ads, infolinks is a site that is able to offer a lot to the common users wanting to advertise their brand online and wanting to earn money from the online presence that they have online.

In terms of rate, the network may have a higher rate than the top two ad networks in the market. However, the rate it charges was justified by the refreshing quality of the ads, as well as the new introduced features that are exclusive to Infolink’s customers.

All in all for Infolinks review, rates, overall it can be concluded that despite the fact that company is unable to topple the best ad network, it does have a nice niche set up and over time that can grow. The network can also work alongside AdSense as long as a few requirements are put in place before hand.