This piece will provide a review. The ad network is one of the fastest growing ad networks on the world. The network has continued to grow for a number of years. The ad network is founded by Divyank Turakhia who is known as a willing entrepreneur who continues to invest in internet base startups. With offices spread out across the world from New York to Dubai to Los Angeles and Mumbai, its area of operation has continued to expand. The ad network provides a wide range of traffic monetization opportunities to publishers and advertising opportunities to traffic monetization. In terms of client base, the client based is diverse; it is filled with customers belonging to a wide range of businesses. Review is recently categorized as one of the companies among the 5 largest ad networks in the world. This a sign of the growing clout of the ad network. The ad network is based on the principle of making advertising easy for advertisers and profitable for publishers. The ad network deals in a variety of ad networks and is also a leading technology company in the world. It has a wide range of customers  including influential companies, making their mark around the world.

There are a number of positive features that have set out and made what it is today. In terms of ad revenue for contextual ads it is considered perhaps the 2nd largest revenue earner. Here is a look at some of the features that offers:

  • A strong advertiser base to produce quality advertisements for the publishers to have on their websites
  • Offers greater control to publishers and advertiser to handle their advertisements
  • Real time reporting of the ads performance
  • Unique and beneficial optimization
  • A robust targeting mechanism for advertisements
  • High quality advertisers Rates

In terms of payments, is much better than a majority of its competition. The ad network is able to offer higher rates to publishers with the promise of greater revenue as their partnership continues to grow. The ad network has slightly higher minimum payment threshold of $100. The payments can be made either by way of a wire transfer or using PayPal. rates are reasonable primarily because of the tools that they offer to the consumers. In addition to helping them with customer support, publishers are allowed wide array of quality advertiser to pick for any advertisements that they want to run on their website.

Similarly, the rates being charged from advertisers are proportionate to the service that is being provided. The ad network offers a wide range of tools to the advertiser which includes real time view of the ads performance as well as greater control over the content that can be displayed. All of these are moves that are justifiable and reasonable. Its payment terms are Net-30. Ad Types

The types of ads that are offered by an ad network define the quality and reach of an ad network. Most ad networks looking to expand or continue their reach over the market they command are looking to increase the types of ads they offer. Most marketers can have a set idea of the type of ad they want to market their product or brand. Similarly, certain publishers are reluctant to have certain types of advertisements displayed on their website. has made sure of the fact that it continues to cater to a wide range of advertisers and publishers, which is why it offers a wide range of ad types. Here is a look at some of the ad types on offer:

  • Contextual ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Display Ads (all sizes) vs AdSense

Of the current lot of Ad networks that exist in the market today, AdSense continues to be the undisputed number one. The advertisement network is hailed as the leader of the ad market but continues to have strict policies with regards to the publishers that it is going to allow. This review of cannot be complete unless a vs AdSense comparison is made. is also an ad network but unlike AdSense it is more open to different types of Publishers irrespective of the number of visitors on their website.

In terms of the rates being offered to publishers, AdSense comes out on top. Backed by the tech giant Google, the economic clout of AdSense allows it to offer a wide range of services to its customers and it offers a higher rate to publishers. Considering they are vetted heavily, this rate is justified since they are the leading websites on the internet. on the other hand is far simpler, it offers a high rate to publishers but the rate isn’t as high as that of AdSense.

Both are able to offer a wide variety of tools to publishers and advertisers. While cannot be considered an alternative to AdSense its growing clout and spread all over the world market has meant that for people who are looking to experiment with their choice of ad network this is a good ad network to pick. Review, Rates, Overall

Contextual ads are increasingly starting to come to the fore. is one of the ad networks that have played a major part in this. This has meant that the ad network is considered highly among ad networks and publishers. The ad network focuses on both, traditional ad networks and innovative ones. Being the second highest revenue generating ad network in terms of contextual ads, the ad network has the potential to continue to grow.

Having looked at the review, rates, overall, it can be said in conclusion that for people who are looking to monetize their online presence—whether it’s their blog or website— this is a good alternative to some of the leading ad networks. It offers competitive and reasonable rates, high quality advertisers and it offers publishers the chance to work in combination with AdSense one of the leading ad network in the country.