This content piece provides an Outbrain Review. Outbrain continues to be one of the success stories in ad networks around the world. It has been able to extend its reach of partners and customers to include some of the biggest brands in the industry which includes CNN, Abc News, Sky News, etc. The ad network in itself is a sponsored content network for publishers to make use of. The ad network works in a simple way; it can help publishers earn revenue as a result of the number of visitors that come to their website as well as being able to advertise the content.


The ad network has continued to make its mark in the industry over the years. Established in the year 2006, the ad network was created to allow promotion of high quality content to users around the world. The platform provided by Outbrain is both expansive and welcoming. More and more advertisers and publishers are able to deal with one another and ensure proper advertisement of their brands. Since Outbrain is a relatively new and more unique form of monetization, it has a growing demand in the market as of now. The ad network to its credit has been able to produce around 200 billion recommendations monthly, as well as being able to reach a global audience of 557 million per month.

Here is a look at some of the features that make Outbrain a good ad network to work with:

  • A good source of producing traffic to your website and or blog post
  • The ad network is able to tackle and attract more specific customers with a targeted approach that will engage with the traffic and spend longer time on the website.
  • The average spend per visitors on Outbrain is near about 25 pence per visitor
  • Content promotions opens up newer advertising avenues to include newer users and newer channels
  • Amplification of the content
  • Excellent customer support

Outbrain Rates

The rates being charged by Outbrain are competitive to say the least. The ad network is able to offer a wide variety of services to its customers be it publishers and advertisers and it is only natural that Outbrain charges its customers for it. Fortunately, Outbrain rates aren’t justifiable, they are also reasonable and most advertisers and publishers are able to afford these rates. The rates charged by Outbrain for its services are different to the rates that it pays to the publishers for running the high quality promoted content on their website or blog post.

Despite the fact that the two rates are well guarded on the website, according to most publishers the rate being paid to publish promoted content on their website is good. The fill rate is considerably high and the rates being paid make it profitable for the publisher to promote the content on their website. The rates being paid are determined according to a scientific calculations taking into account the number of visitors that a website or blog entertains, instead of deciding the rate arbitrarily.

Outbrain Ad Types

There are a number of different types of ad types on offer at Outbrain. The wealth of options available at Outbrain is largely down to the fact that publishers and advertisers alike crave variety. Most advertisers may want to check for different ad types, in addition to promoted content to get their brand’s message across to the people that want it. Similarly, Outbrain does offer a variety of ad types.

Here is a look at the Outbrain Ad Types on offer:

  • Rich Media Display Ads
  • Custom Display Ads
  • Mobile Web Ads
  • In feed Ads
  • Recommendation Widget Ads
  • Custom Native Ads

Outbrain vs AdSense

Outbrain vs AdSense is a comparison that will outline the potential of the former ad network. AdSense continues to be the leading ad network in the industry and being powered by Google means its scale of operations is spread out all over the globe. Unfortunately, for Outbrain despite its growth in recent years, it is unable to match the area of operation offered by AdSense.

Outbrain is able to offer its publishers competitive rates. The ad network is skeptic about the quality of the content on offer and will typically have the content looked over before it is published to make sure that the publisher’s website doesn’t suffer as a result. Similarly, in terms of support Outbrain is able to come close to AdSense. In terms of quality of services, both offer utmost quality to publishers and advertisers. The only thing that sets the two apart is that being backed up by Google means AdSense offers a greater technological edge over the other ad network. Similarly, its economic clout means it can afford to pay publishers higher and charge them lower rates than what is possible for AdSense to charge.

Despite the fight that Outbrain may not have been able to beat AdSense, it continues to be a leading ad network and one that operates a relatively new form of promotion. For people who are looking to choose a different ad network and experiment, Outbrain is a good option.

Outbrain Review, Rates, Overall

Outbrain review, rates, and overall outlines that while the ad network continues to have room to grow it does offer a wide range of services to its customers already. The services being offered by Outbrain are unique and by way of promoted content, it can help advertisers send their message across to the general public in a more targeted, specific and detailed way.

Outbrain is also a good choice for publishers who are looking to increase the number of visitors on their website by having their content promoted on different websites. The ad network stays strictly professional, establishing a minimum traffic limit for publishers to enter the ad network and enjoy the services being offered. The ad network works by way of a simple widget which is both easy to install and use. Another plus is that Outbrain in spite of its competitive rates is relatively new and there ample room for improvement which means the rates being offered to publishers is likely to increase even further.