This is a Propeller ads review. Founded back in the year 2011, the company aimed to provide a digital advertising platform to publishers and advertisers alike which is reliable, effective, cheap and reliable. All of these are qualities which are enshrined in a successful ad network. So far Propeller ads are well on course to fulfilling most of its early promise. It has been 5 since the company has started operations and its ad networks has been able to create a simple, direct and easy way for advertisers and publishers to solve each other problems and needs.

Propeller ads Review The ad network is known around the market as a flexible network which is able to cater to the needs of its customers. The number of publishers and advertisers becoming part of the network continues to grow with each passing day. This is down to the quality of options that are on offer at this website. Being able to adapt is one of the strong points of the network as well as being able to offer high CPM rates to publishers. The one thing that the ad network banks on is its optimization and rate of return on investment.

Here is a look at some of the features that Propeller ads offer:

  • One of the fastest growing ad networks in the market
  • Offers a 100% fill rate and offers maximum eCPM rates.
  • Ads focusing on greater return on the investment made by the advertisers
  • High quality Optimization
  • A transparent bidding model which delivers real estate market value both to advertisers and publishers.
  • Advertisers are granted access to premium websites
  • Dedicated account manager to help publishers and advertisers get past the problems of managing their account on the ad network.

Propeller ads Rates

Propeller Ads works with a variety of ad types, but most importantly it works with pop under ad types which offer the greatest payment scope. As far as the ad network is concerned, it believes in providing a high rate of return. The website is able to offer high CPM rates to publishers which are one of the reasons more and more continue to flock to the network day in and day out.  The bidding process on offer is transparent and the payment is made based on eCPM rates.

In that context, it is important for the ad network to ensure maximum earnings for the publishers. The good thing about Propeller ads rates is that the cost per impression rate of payment to publishers is transparent and justifiable. The country that the bulk of the impression to the website comes from also plays an important role in determining the rate that is paid. Despite the fact that rates on the website are well guarded, it is accepted that traffic from Canada, US, UK and EU is paid over $2-5 for the countries.

Propeller ads Ad Types

Multiple ad types are considered the sign of growth for an ad network. As far as ad networks are concerned, having a variety of ad types on offer that a network works with helps it attract more and more advertisers and publishers. Certain ad campaigns require multiple ad types to be used for the message to properly reach the target market, if an ad network is unable to have the full set of ad types, it can lose a number of advertising campaign as a result of its inability to provide proper choice. Propeller Ads fortunately, is able to understand that and one its strong points has been its ability to work with multiple ad types.

Some of the Propeller ads ad types on offer include:

  • Pop Under Ads
  • On click Ads
  • In banner video ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Mobile Advertising Ads

Propeller ads vs AdSense

As far as Propeller Ads vs AdSense comparison is concerned, for an ad network to truly find out where it stands in the market, it needs to match up against the leading ad network. AdSense has continued to gain prominence over the years and today it is considered a leading ad network in the market. The fact that it is backed up by Google has helped its standing.

In terms of the rates that are being paid, the two networks are close by to one another. Both networks believe in adequately compensating publishers based on the number of impressions per website. However, the sheer size and volume of the revenue earned by Google has helped it offer higher rates to publishers as compared to other companies. On the other hand, Propeller Ads offer high eCPM rates which attract publishers and advertisers alike.

Similarly, in terms of operation, the span of operation for AdSense is spread out all over the globe. The fact that it is Google’s company helps it function in all countries where Google is used. Similarly, Propeller Ads has been able to spread out its operations from its home base in British Virgin Islands to a number of different countries. In fact, even its website is available in a number of different languages.

In terms of customer support, both ad networks go the extra mile in helping publishers and advertisers control their advertising campaigns and monetize their websites. In that regard, despite losing the comparison against AdSense, Propeller Ads does have potential to grow and expand. Despite not being a sure shot alternative to AdSense, the ad network can be used by people looking to experiment with their choice of ad network in the future.

Propeller ads Review, Rates, Overall

Simple, intelligent and effective, these are three adjectives that stand out on the ad network’s website.  Having looked at Propeller Ads review, rates and overall, it is clear that the growing number of publishers and advertisers flocking to the ad network is a sign of its ever growing clout. Not just that, in terms of return on investment the ad network is able to cater to the needs of its customers. It offers high rates to publishers, tools for advertisers to draft and manage winning advertising campaigns while ensuring that effective customer support is ever present.