This piece will provide a thorough UberCPM review, taking into account the rates that the website offers as well as other features that make it a growing ad network in the market. The UberCPM was built by its makers around the idea of simplifying advertising, which they believed had become too complex. The ad network aims to make advertising easy for advertisers and lending ad spaces easy for publishers. The vision at the heart of the company that keeps it going is to become the largest and most effective CPM advertising network in the world. It has a non-adult advertising banner which shares 80% of its revenue with its publishers.

UberCPM Review The ad network has grown multiple folds in recent years and all that is down to the fact that they can simplify something that almost all advertisers and publishers want to make use of but seldom are truly able to master. UberCPM ad network has a growing number of advertisers and publishers flocking the network each day. The ad network has a strict policy and a firm stance on adult ads and it makes sure that no malicious content or spam sites are added to their network as publishers to ruin the reputation of the advertisers. Quality of ad content is the primary focus at the UberCPM ad network.

Here is a look at some of the features offered by UberCPM ad network that have contributed in the growth of the ad network:

  • Instant approval to publishers, there is no need to wait for the approval
  • Publishers can enter the ad network without having to satisfy the minimum views acid tests, which allows a more diverse sphere of publishers at the website
  • 80% of the revenue is shared with the publishers
  • High quality customer service, with representatives ready to help customers every step of the way, trying to simplify advertising
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Payments are made on time

UberCPM Rates

The rates being charged by UberCPM are both competitive and acceptable around the industry; most companies are unable to charge competitive pricing from advertisers, while paying considerable rates to the publishers. The minimum payment handed out by the ad network is $10, which is lower in terms of other competition. The payments can be made through multiple sources which include but are not limited to Bank Wire transfer, Paypal, and Payoneer.

As part of the ad network, the core responsibility is to make sure that the publishers are attracted to the cause. What this means is that the publishers the people who are the lifeblood of the online advertising need to be paid excessively to ensure they stay comfortable. UberCPM rates make sure that is the case. The ad network shares 80% of the revenue it has earned with the publishers in a bid to keep them happy. On top of that, the rates that its charges from advertiser are fitting since they are reasonable and justifiable based on the features that the ad network is able to offer.

UberCPM Ad Types

For any ad network, the ad types they offer can significantly alter the scale of operations. More advertisers and publishers are inclined towards ad networks that offer ad format and ad types variety. This is because different publishers are comfortable with different ads on their website and most advertises want specific ad types tom send their message across to the masses. As part of the review, we take a look at the UberCPM Ad types on offer:

  • Banner Ads 120 X 600 thin tower
  • Banner Ads 160 X 600
  • Banner Ads 300 X 250
  • Banner Ads 300 X 600
  • Banner Ads 320 X 50
  • Banner Ads 728 X 90

UberCPM vs AdSense

An UberCPM review is not complete unless there has been a UberCPM vs AdSense comparison in place. The two ad networks are miles apart in terms of size. While one of the ad networks has operations that span all over the globe, the other is only starting out in the field and despite making healthy strides is still some way short of the mark. While UberCPM is a big network, it is not as big as AdSense and neither does it have the backing of a technology giant such as Google behind it.

As a result, in terms of the vastness of the network and the number of publishers and ad networks that have been engaged, AdSense is larger than UberCPM. Similarly, in terms of the rates being charged, AdSense is able to charge better rates than UberCPM primarily because the former has an economic clout about it being an established business.  The only real difference between the two is with regards to the vetting and entry of publishers into the network.

UberCPM is more welcoming with instant approval and no need for publishers to have a certain number of views or visitors on their website. AdSense on the other hand, due to its sheer size has rules in place for vetting of publisher before they are allowed to join the network. All in all, while UberCPM does not come out on top against AdSense, it does offer a new ad network outlet for people looking to experiment with their ad networks and those that can’t get into the AdSense network.

UberCPM Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having looked at UberCPM review, rates, overall it can be said that the CPM ad network has excess potential. With its tools and features it is moving in the right direction to fulfilling its potential and actually making sure that it becomes the largest ad network in the world.

All in all, the ad network is made to work well in coordination with other ad networks such as AdSense etc. It can work well with all legitimate sites and the earning of the website depends on the several factors. The sooner that these factors are ironed out by the ad network the better. In terms of quality of traffic, and its location it is a ideally places to grow as an ad network. The publishers who have tried the ad network appreciate what they have had to deal with and that is one of the things that make it a good CPM network.