This content piece provides a Vertoz review. The programmatic company is not a new entrant in the market and it has continued to help provide solutions to companies with regards to their advertising and monetization needs. The primary concept of the ad network is to bring a number of top publishers and advertisers around the world under a single roof where they can cut deals with one another and solve one another’s advertising needs. The company has dedicated account specialists that help businesses manage to get the best return on investment on the amount they have put as part of the advertising expenditure.

Vertoz ReviewAs far as Vertoz is concerned, it is able to offer a new formula to its customers to help them make the most of the relationship between the advertisers and the publishers. Its “indigenous plex” formula is able to empower advertisers further by using RTB enabled technology along with customer data. This unique system promises monetizing solutions which are tailored to the needs and wants of each client. In terms of ad networks the market can continually change and new entrants in the market spell for a new strategy.

This is something Vertoz is an expert in. It is able to adapt to the changing market dynamics to ensure that the publishers and advertisers on the network are able to make the most of the situation. Here is a look at some of the features that Vertoz ad network offers:

  • The ad network is able to offer high quality ad inventory for advertisers and publishers to work with
  • The CPM rates on offer are competitive and widely accepted by publishers around the world
  • There is no delay in payments; they are paid to the concerned parties on time without the slightest of delays.
  • Offers a 100% fill rate
  • The customer support payments are dedicated.

Vertoz Rates

For ad networks to be able to attract publishers to their website, they need to be able to offer higher CPM rates than their competitors. In terms of the rates being offered, Vertoz is right up there with most other ad networks in paying high CPM rates to lure prospective publishers and website owners willing to sell ad spaces on their website.  The minimum payout amount however is kept at $100 which means a payment of less than $100 cannot be made unless another payment takes the overall payment amount beyond that.

Similarly, the commission charged by the ad network is based on CPC and CPM basis. The costs it charges from advertisers are deducted from the truncation they have with the publishers instead of wanting them to pay an upfront fee. The rates being charged from advertisers and the Vertoz rates offered to publishers are justified primarily because the ad network offers greater control, quality of ads and multiple tools to help both parties solve their problems. For advertisers getting to advertise directly to their target audience is a healthy return on investment and similarly for publishers monetizing their website and ad spaces is a good way to earn revenue in the future.

Vertoz Ad Types

For ad network to flourish, the number of ad types on offer is important. Most ad networks prefer to offer a wide variety of ad types to the users which is primarily down to the fact that the more ad types are offered to the advertisers the better chance they have of advertising their product to the market. Keeping in line with that, Vertoz offers a variety of ad types that makes publishers comfortable with the types of advertisements that they display on their pages.

Here is a look at some of the Vertoz ad types on offer:

  • Video Ads
  • Search (XML feed) Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads

Vertoz vs AdSense

A true review of Vertoz cannot be complete unless it is reviewed against AdSense. This section takes a look at Vertoz vs AdSense. Both Vertoz and AdSense are ad networks that are considered as good networks by both advertisers and publishers. While AdSense is backed up by Google, Vertoz is a relatively new company that has made leaps and bounds of progress. In terms of revenue generated AdSense has greater revenue generated as compared to Vertoz.

This translates into greater rates being paid to the publishers as well as lower money being charged by ad network from advertisers for their services.  In terms of tools on offer both ad networks are able to give their users something distinct. As far as Vertoz is concerned it is able to give the user greater access to big data which can help the company flourish. Similarly, AdSense has one of the largest numbers of websites that work with the ad network, something Vertoz is striving for.

In terms of customer support, both can be considered at par in terms of quality, however, the fact that AdSense is spread all over the world helps its customer support team to understand multiple languages and needs of customers.

Despite falling short against AdSense, Vertoz is open to a larger group of publishers as compared to AdSense because it has relatively few requirements for its members. Yet, while Vertoz cannot be considered an alternative to AdSense it is a good choice for people who are looking for a change in the ad network company they work with. It is also able to work in coordination with AdSense.

Vertoz Review, Rates, Overall

Writing a conclusion for Vertoz is simpler now that Vertoz review, rates, overall have been considered. All in all Vertoz is an up and coming ad network which is trying to make a mark in a competitive market and it is doing so by providing high rates to its publishers, greater control to advertisers and better tools and technology for them to create ad campaigns. At core of Vertoz is to provide solutions for publishers and advertisers and it seems that is exactly what it strives for by helping advertisers reach their target audience while monetizing the publishers adequately.