YouTube partner program has been another one of the up and coming ad networks where video producers are given a chance to monetize their viewership by selling the ad spaces on the video to advertisers who are looking to directly advertise their brand. YouTube for creators review is an attempt to take a look at the partner program by YouTube and how it has been able to help normal people monetize their fame on a video making platform for greater earnings. The program is simple for publishers and advertisers to understand. To be able to make it work, the publisher of the video needs to have an account with Google AdSense since the ad network is a partner of You Tube in this program.

YouTube Partner Program Review Publisher sampling of the YouTube partner programs includes television and new giants such as CNN and New York Times. YouTube was created back in the year 2004 and its partner program was started as far back as the year 2007. The network is owned by Google, which is why AdSense holds the utmost importance in this regard. There are certain restrictions on the advertisers and the publishers that need to be followed if the advertisement is going to be publishable. Here is a look at some of the features that are offered by YouTube for creators to its customers:

  • Getting to manage the channel with creators studios
  • Outstanding customer support that is going to help YouTube video publishers and advertisers when they need it.
  • Learn with the creator Academy
  • Enjoy YouTube space to create your video
  • Higher CPM rates to publishers whose videos and channels are able to enjoy maximum subscriptions and viewers

YouTube Partner Program Rates

The rates offered by YouTube as part of its partner program are fairly competitive. The rates are based on a CPM and a CPC basis, which means that the network offers fair rates to the video publishers based on their credibility and their performance. The only catch here is that the policies with regards to eligible publishers who can monetize their videos continues to change which is why it is important that the person signed up for the partner program is able to sign up to the partner program with relative ease.

For most publishers who are part of the partner program, the primary source of worry is whether YouTube partner program rates will decrease their revenue stream. That is not the case. In fact, in most cases the revenue stream is likely to expand with multiple new avenues opening up based on the rates being offered. Yes, the network does charge a certain payment up front from people before actually letting them become a part, but that amount is neither expensive, nor does it need to be paid over and over again. Instead, the facilities being offered by YouTube to advertisers and publishers in particular more than justify the costs being charged, that is if they are being charged in the first place.

YouTube Partner Program Ad Types

Ad types are what determine the success and failure of an ad network. Most advertisers and publishers are looking for variety to ad types so that they have attracted the customers and users in a number of different ways. YouTube partner program despite being different to the ordinary ad networks continues with the ad network tradition. It makes sure that multiple ad types are on offer to ensure that the advertisers and the publishers are comfortable working with the YouTube partner program.

Here is a look at the different types of YouTube partner program ad types:

  • Display advertisements
  • Banner Advertisements (300 x 250)
  • In video advertisements
  • Overlay Ads
  • True View Ads
  • Non Skip-able Ads

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense

YouTube Partner Program vs AdSense is one comparison that will give us a true measure of how effective YouTube’s partner program is. In reality, this comparison is a little unfair to make since both are Google’s operations and YouTube partner program is heavily dependent on AdSense to function. So much so that for a person to act as a Publisher on YouTube Partner program they need to have an account on Google’s AdSense.

In terms of the scale of operations, AdSense is much bigger than YouTube partner program. While YouTube has only started to expand its operations in different parts of the globe, AdSense is already a household ad network. This has more to do with the fact that AdSense has a wider sphere to work with— it can publish ads on websites, as well as videos, whilst the former is only restricted to YouTube videos and ad spaces that open up in that.

In terms of the rate being charged, YouTube partner program offers reasonable rates to video publishers. As a result, there is a new age of video publisher growing as part of the YouTube brand of things. The rates are acceptable because of the facilities that YouTube is able to offer its publishers, including a studio to work in if a set number of subscribers are maintained. AdSense on the other hand offers high rate to publishers, allowing flocks of websites to become a part of the network primarily because of the promise of earning more revenue off it.

YouTube Partner Program Review, Rates, Overall

In conclusion, having looked at the YouTube Partner program review, rates, overall it can be said that the ad network continues to grow. The fact that videos are so popular has helped the ad network expand its reach to the audience. A measure of the growth of this ad network is that ever since it has begun, it has helped a new breed of entrepreneurs rise up and earn money as video publishers by posting and creating videos. The rates being charged by the ad network are understandable and helped by the facilities that YouTube is able to provide to its customers.

The YouTube partner program has a wide variety of customer service representatives and ad types looking to help publishers and advertisers get their message across to the people.